Items you didn’t expect need extra packing


Many people feel that packing is the most overwhelming task during home relocation. And there’s some truth in that. First of all, there are so many things to think about – all the necessary packing supplies, containers, decluttering, moving costs, etc. Also, what brings most of the headaches during relocation is taking care of the fragile items and transporting them in one piece. But, we all know immediately what our fragile items are – glasses, plates, mirrors, etc. However, there are some things we’re not aware of that also require special attention. They can often get damaged during the move or make a lot of mess when not properly packed. Here’s a brief list of items you didn’t expect need extra packing – don’t forget them during your next relocation!

What are the items you didn’t expect need extra packing?  

Don’t take packing for granted. If you’re not careful enough, you can make more mess and even increase your moving costs. Make sure you take a look at the items that need special packing, as well as the unexpected household items that need insurance. This will help your moving plan be mistake-proof and completely safe. 

Keep in mind that, before you start packing for the move, you should declutter your home and get rid of excess stuff in your home. This will make packing and sorting easier, and even reduce your moving costs.

Cleaning supplies 

Yes, when we think of extra packing, we always think of plates, glasses, etc. However, one of the items you didn’t expect need extra packing are your liquid cleaning supplies. Many people make a huge mistake and just throw them into a box. The most common things to happen are lids getting undone, and liquids being spilled and making considerable damage to the other items. It’s not only about liquid spilled around the boxes – it’s the chemical that may damage your items for good. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to seal each bottle. Remove the lid, put a piece of plastic wrap on top of the bottle, and put the cap back on. Be sure to screw it tightly, and test it for any spillage. This way, you will make sure nothing is damaged and you don’t have any additional cleaning to do once you move in. 

Figure 1 Cleaning supplies are one of those items you didn’t expect need extra packing – but they can spill easily and cause a lot of damage. alt tag: cleaning supplies plastic bottles as one of the items you didn’t expect need extra packing


Never thought this is one of those items that need extra packing? Well, they do. The most common way people move books is that they simply fill a moving box as much as they can. As a result, books are placed too tightly together, so the covers, as well as the edges, get damaged during transport. So, if you care about your books and have some valuable volumes in your collection, be sure to use a book box that you will make not too heavy. Also, use sturdy, heavy books at the bottom of the boxes, and top them with lighter ones. And finally, avoid unnecessary tumbling of the books by filling any extra gaps with packing paper.

Wine bottles 

It’s a great thing to use up as much food and drinks as you can before the moving day, but you simply can’t do that with all the liquor and wine. That’s why you need to give them proper care during the relocation. The safest way to move these bottles is to use a box that has special dividers inside – the kind you can find in a liquor store. These dividers will stop the bottles from moving around during transport and therefore breaking and spilling wine all over your stuff. Visit a local store and they might give you some for free. 

Furthermore, be sure to protect each bottle with a wrapping paper and tape it. After you put all the bottles inside the boxes, be sure to tape the boxes securely and most importantly – label them. You should write the contents on each box that contains fragile items. This will help your movers be extra careful with items like that and it will also make unpacking easier. If you unsure how to deal with this packing task, feel free to check some helpful advice on US Moving Experts and other relocation-related websites.

Figure 2 Wine bottles are quite fragile and you don’t want to lose your old and expensive liquor during transport. alt.tag: wine bottles as one of the items you didn’t expect need extra packing

Religious items 

Many homes include religious items that should be treated as any other fragile and breakable item in the house. These include figures, picture frames, icons, statues, etc. All of these are usually very important to the family, and carry a lot of value. That’s why they should be packed separately, with each item wrapped in packing or wrapping paper, and then put in a safe box. 


House plants are the usual items on the list of things moving companies won’t move. The reason is that plants are very fragile and difficult to relocate. It would be best if you could give them to your friends and family, and buy new plants as soon as you arrive. However, if you’ve put a lot of time and effort to grow them, there are ways to move them on your own. Be sure to:

  • prepare them in advance by watering them before the moving day and removing all the dead branches and leaves
  • repot them in plastic pots, and move them with you, in your car
  • check if you can cross the state border with specific plants – some plants are not allowed to move to some states. 

Figure 3 House plants are quite difficult to move since they are quite fragile. alt.tag: house plants


Fish and water tanks are very difficult to move. Many people often give it up and give the fish and the tank away. However, it is possible to relocate your fish tank safely and enjoy your pets in your new house as well. Here are some tips:

  • make sure you have all the supplies – a fishnet, buckets, plastic bags, foam sheets, tape, moving boxes, etc.
  • prepare the fish for the move – to ensure the minimum of fish waste during transport, don’t feed fish approximately 24h before the moving day. They will be absolutely fine and their water will be clean during transport.
  • use plastic bags to relocate smaller fish (along with some water from the tank), and buckets for bigger or longer fish. It’s okay to add a couple of fish in the same container, but don’t make it too crowded.
  • to pack the tank, make sure to drain in first, and never lift it when its field with water – you can easily damage it that way. Use blankets, sheets or some other protection to carefully wrap and protect the tank before loading it in the vehicle. 
  • don’t hurry – these are very delicate items and need patience and special care when relocating them.


As you can see, there are many items you didn’t expect to need extra packing, and some of them are quite a challenge to move. That’s why, after selling your home, you should plan out your relocation first, and prepare for the packing process properly. Having the right tools and supplies, as well as time and patience, will make your move easier and most importantly – safer.

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