Is Interior Design & Styling Good Career in India?


With a rapid increase in urbanisation, the need for a cosmopolitan and luxurious lifestyle has also increased. This shift has benefited many industries in India, including that of interior design. The contemporary lifestyle has promoted aesthetic appeal and comfortable living, which has pushed people to think about the space they live in.

Thus, interior designing has become a viable career with immense potential in India. If you are looking for an interior design styling course option and considering a career in the field, read on to learn more about its scope in India.

What is interior design?

We give immense thought to our clothes for they reflect our personality, but what about our homes? From furniture placement to the curtains and walls, every piece should be in perfect harmony to bring a house to life. Designing a home is a creative and interactive thought process between a designer and their client.

Interior design and styling is the art of transforming a space according to a person’s vision. It is the job of an interior designer to design a place that fits your personality as well as your needs perfectly. From the colour palette to each item’s functionality, an interior designer plans everything from scratch to provide a mix of comfort and class.

It is crucial for an interior designer to have knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Fundamentals of Art and Design
  • Material and Construction Techniques
  • Craft and Textiles
  • Furniture and Elements

Interior design and styling: scope in India 

India is an emerging market full of opportunities in various creative and technical fields. As an industry, interior designing is all set to grow in the next few years. Thus, professionals ready to embark on this path have a lot in store for them.

The interior design and styling industry has become highly competitive with the increasing demand for competent and sound home design. However, residential properties are not the only area where interior designers are employed. Some of the avenues and projects that require the services of interior designers and stylists are:

Residential projects: These are the primary and most important employment sources for interior designers. Residential properties include bungalows, flats, floors, and other domestic accommodation options. Interior designers find ample opportunities in newly-constructed houses and renovation projects.

Corporate projects: The second-most prevalent projects are workplaces and factories that require a whole different style of designing and professional themes. Designers get maximum workplace projects from multi-national companies and start-ups trying to set up modern workplaces.

Commercial projects: A whole different area that requires designing are commercial properties such as cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, retail shops, gyms, restaurants, and much more. The entire hospitality sector depends highly on interior designing as ambience increases their profits to a great extent.

Temporary exhibitions: Another area that requires the services of interior designers and stylists are temporary exhibition projects that mostly include art galleries and museums. These projects require a different kind of styling and designing as they are temporary installations.

Some Benefits of a Career in Interior Designing 

  • Creative freedom
  • Increasing demand
  • Growth prospects
  • Flexible schedule
  • Job satisfaction
  • Handsome salaries

The scope of a profession is considerably affected by education and qualification. Choosing the right course and institute for a formal education is of huge significance for an aspiring designer. Therefore, the two-year interior design styling course option offered by the prestigious Pearl Academy must be your top pick. If you aspire to channel your creativity into designing beautiful and artistic spaces, then this comprehensive course is the place to begin!

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