How to Use Unique Large Sized Canvas Wall Art at Your Home


Are you a fan of large format Canvas wall art? If yes, you may know how the art looks great in your home. Wall art is a way to showcase your personality. With various home decor options available, it is the easiest way to spruce up any room. Decorating the walls with a large canvas is an amazing way of decorating your home. 

Generally, the bigger the white walls, the bigger should be canvas wall art on them. When we consider wall art, size matters a lot. Without further delay, let’s discuss regarding the canvas wall art of large format.

Large Canvas Wall Art for Home Decor

  1. Abstract Art

Abstract art always looks beautiful in large format on large walls. In fact, it has the power to catch eyes. A big abstract canvas is a good choice to hang over the bed in a master bedroom or at the entryway of a house for a grand and warm welcome.

2. Canvas Art with Animals

I have seen a canvas near a hotel near my house. There is a canvas of a close-up black and white photo of a donkey. It is so adorable that I was always drawn to the picture. Therefore when I saw this cow canvas art which is very similar to the donkey one. I flipped and realized how beautiful and amazing animal canvas art looks such as zebras, buffalo, and cute cows.

3. Wall Art for the Cottage

Everyone can’t own a cottage for themselves but we can have artwork of a cottage. We can appreciate the artwork. It looks like the perfect piece for the wall decor of the cottage. It is considered as a sense of peacefulness and serenity for which cottages are made for.

4.  Hand Lettered Piece

Large wall art quotes are in the popular trend. You can also line up three canvas art prints in a row; they add motivation to the home gallery wall and look elegant. People prefer to use motivational quotes to create positive vibes. On the other hand, these canvases are also used for marketing and decoration at cafes and restaurants. They generally use funny quotes related to eatables.

5. Expressive Life Drawing Sketch

If you like the black and white drawings, sketches then life drawing can be a lovely option for you. Through life drawing sketch, it gives an abstract touch to a room.

6. Creative Photography and Design Art

You can use creative photography and design art for your canvas at your home and offices. The large canvas size can spruce up an office space with beautiful nature or creative photography art. Canvas photo printing, Dubai is a great option for getting creative photography canvas for your home to cherish memories.

7. Cityscape and Architecture Wall Art

Do you like beautiful buildings? The canvas wall art of cityscape and architecture makes you feel that you are in the other world. I bought Burj Khalifa Canvas wall art for my home and it really caught my eyes.  

8. Gift Idea

The right piece of art shines wherever it hangs. It adds colors to life and spruces up a living space such as a room or bedroom. Artwork is really a good way to express in a unique style. Therefore canvas wall art is the best idea for gifting too.

How to use Large Canvas Wall Art

  • Arrange the room around the art

 Arrange furniture around the large wall art. It is the best way to give an elegant look to a room. It really works well in spaces where the art is hanging. You can also focus a sofa toward the wall art or organize chairs to face it. On the other hand, you can also place chairs and sofa across the room from each other by hanging wall art between them. If you have to use wall art in the bedroom, place it behind the bed.

  • Do creative by breaking up a single piece

Large wall art does not have one painting in one frame. You can see in the above photo how one piece can be spread across a few different canvases. One piece can occupy several canvases in multiple frames to take on a wholly unique design. Moreover, the trend of this type of canvas never gone.

Creative looks like this add colour and visual interest in that area. Most importantly, breaking up one piece of art into several different pieces also makes the art easier to transport.

Final Words:-

Large Canvas wall art is the decor item that enhances the overall look of that place. The large-scale wall art is expensive but it is really a good anniversary or wedding gift. The canvas print is a great addition to hotels, restaurants, cottage, home, or wherever you spend time. It creates motivation, adds colours to your home and office, and decorates your surroundings.


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