How to spot a roof leak


While looking after your home, you’re much more likely to focus on maintaining the inside of the house. Very few people even think about damage coming to the exterior of the house – giving issues the opportunity to develop into large problems before they’re stopped.

Roof leaks have a sneaky way of staying in the shadows and causing damage long before you realize it. 

Without knowing what you’re looking for, it can be difficult to recognize the signs of a roof leak in time to get it repaired. 

That’s why this guide is going to share three telltale signs to look out for. 

Missing shingles, slats, or tiles

When a leak is suspected, most people will head into the attic to take a look. However, this isn’t the first port of call. If the leak has already arrived in the attic or appears on the ceiling of any room, it’s already done a lot of damage. 

Taking a look at the outside roofing should be the first step. Check to see if there are any shingles, slats, or tiles missing from the roof, cracked or damaged. If you can recognize this telltale sign before the leak even starts showing in the house, you’ll save yourself time and money on repairs. 

If shingles or tiles are missing or damaged on the roof, water can quickly collect in that spot. This will eventually wear down the roof and cause a leak. Reaching out to a repair team at the first sight of damage is the best way to prevent larger issues from developing. If you notice this problem occurring, it’s definitely time to speak to professional roofers St Louis about repairs.

Stains on the ceiling

If there are stains on the ceiling, it’s likely due to a leak coming from somewhere – either through a leak in the roof or the pipework. Ceilings can reveal a lot about the condition of your roof and the potential leak. Ringed staining comes from water damage when water is able to pool just above the ceiling. Stains are usually brown, so they can be a little more difficult to spot if you have shadowy or darkly painted ceilings. 

Using a flashlight will help you determine whether or not there are stains on the ceiling. If you can’t get it fixed immediately, it’s a good idea to take pictures and draw around the leak to track if it gets any bigger over the day or night.


Finally, the third telltale sign of a roof leak is mold on the ceilings. Mold is bad news. If you notice ringed stains on the ceiling, it’s a good idea to try and check above them – either on the floor above or in the loft. 

Even if you don’t usually use the loft, it’s important to go up and take a look for mold. If mold has the chance to develop, it’s likely that the leak has been going for quite some time. 

As we head into the wetter months, there’s no time like the present to keep an eye on your roof. If shingles are already damaged, it’s recommended you get these repaired before the bad weather starts. 

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