How to Put Your Personal Touch on a Furnished Apartment


Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or looking for a quality living space for temporary housing, there are many benefits to finding a furnished apartment. As any landlord or experienced tenant can attest, choosing this option over an unfurnished apartment can save a lot of time and money on setting up your sofa, dressers, and other furnishings that often require professional movers.

However, many potential renters look forward to the opportunity to truly make their new apartment feel like home, meaning, adding a “personal touch.” Here we will look at a few cost-efficient and creative ways to put your own unique “personal touch” on a furnished apartment, giving it a welcoming vibe that matches your personality.

The Furnishings of Comfort


Every person is unique and often draws comfort from different elements of their new living space. For example, if you’ve had the same sofa since college, or it was a gift from someone special, you may miss its familiar look and feel. Likewise, if any of your own furniture brings about a home-like, welcoming vibe, you may want to consider putting them in storage for a later date.

The same can be said for many of the most convenient amenities associated with furnished apartments and short-term rentals. Aside from affordable utilities, the living room’s end tables and bookcases, as well as the bedroom’s bed, linens, and nightstand are usually included. These features are always among the pros and cons of choosing a new place.

For young professionals well-accustomed to short-term stays for business travel, the features of a furnished apartment for rent can be an ideal solution. However, what if the new tenant is hoping to stay in one place for a while and craves the creature comforts of “personal touch” objects? Well, there are always a few fun ideas that can make your apartment always feel like home.

Adding Personal Elements to Your Rental


The single most fun and welcoming element you can add to a new place, be it an unfurnished apartment or a well-furnished rental, are family photos, or pictures of your closest friends. Although a furnished apartment won’t necessarily allow wall-hangings that would damage the rental’s interior, there are plenty of available picture frames that can be hung using alternative adhesives that won’t puncture the dry-wall and affect your security deposit.

With this in mind, making various favorite photos and family portraits the focal point of your new living room, kitchen, or throughout the living space, can truly represent who you are and your favorite experiences. For your living room and bedroom, another easy idea is family photos within table frames that don’t even require mounting. If you happen to have a roommate, these types of mementos can be less intrusive and take up less wall space.

Adding family photos and portraits throughout your apartment’s rooms and hallways are only one idea to add a touch of your personality to the new place. Mementos from your childhood, previous vacations, and even collectibles that you treasure can all be added without compromising the furnishings of the rental agreement. If the furnished apartment already comes with furniture, why not add throw-rugs and decorations reflecting your style to the furniture? Are you a music or movie buff? Vintage concert and film posters can all be framed and hung in the hallways and above your workspace. If you’re a booklover, bring some of your favorite classics to add to the bookcase or stacked as decorations on the end tables.

How much furniture comes with the short-term rental may vary, but small, personal items of importance to you and your unique character can always be packed and ready for display. As the old saying goes, “Home is where you hang your hat.” Well, the hat-rack may come with the apartment, but what kind of hat you hang on it can be as personal and unique as you are!

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