How to Prepare Your House for Sale


If you are hoping to sell your home or about to put your house on the market, you may feel overwhelmed and anxious by the task at hand. There is so much to do to get a house ready to be sold; thus, preparing your property can be a very daunting task. However, there are several ways to make sure your property is in good shape before you list it. This blog will cover a handy checklist to make sure your home is ready for prospective buyers, from decluttering to deep cleaning.

Deep Clean

Before you take any photographs or even think about opening your home to potential buyers, you must make sure that it is spotless. This means getting to work on a deep clean. Clean the walls, floors, and carpets, as well as all surfaces, the oven, and the bathroom. Sugar soap is a great way to get pesky marks off of walls and surfaces. If you want to deep clean your carpets, it is worth paying for professional services to make sure that they are spotless. For example, carpet cleaners Twickenham offer an affordable carpet cleaning service.


A minimalist look is the best way to photograph your home. This being said, it is very important to make sure that you declutter your space before you take any pictures. The more minimal, the fewer distractions there will be in the photo. Take time to clear and tidy all unnecessary items from all the rooms in your house. Do not forget liminal spaces such as hallways or entranceways. This will often be the first photo a potential buyer sees. Less clutter means more space, and this will be more impressive to anyone looking to buy. 


After many years our homes become extensions of ourselves, with personalized objects all over the place. While this may be something you are proud of or feel makes the space unique, you must remember that potential buyers will want to imagine themselves in the space. Removing anything personal will give them an opportunity to picture the space as they might like it. Plants and artwork can stay as these bring character to a room. However, personal photographs and other memorabilia should be removed. 


The lighting of any space is so important. This is because lighting helps bring a room to life; it is a way to bring out the unique character of a space. Make sure you spend some time thinking about each room in your house. Think about what time of day they look their best. Is it during the day with natural light, or is it particularly cozy with low light and warm colors? Bring out your home’s best features with a unique and well-lit space. 

Bear in mind that light, bright, airy rooms often look a lot more spacious than dark, dimly lit ones. This could be the real clincher to selling your home, so make sure you get the lighting right. 

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