How to make sure you home offers your children the best childhood possible


We all want what’s best for our children. That’s why we spend so long choosing the best places to take them on trips, the most fun and educational toys for them to play with and even the most exciting activities to complete during a normal afternoon at home. Whilst all of this is important, one of the major factors that can have a big effect on your children growing up is the home they’re living in. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can make sure that your home offers your children the best childhood possible.

Choose the right town or city for them to grow up in

Before you consider exactly what improvements you can do to your home to make your children feel more comfortable living there, it’s important to consider one important question. That is, could my family be happier living in a different town or city to the one I’m currently living in? Deciding exactly where the best place is to bring up your family can be a difficult balancing act. Whilst you want them to be close to the opportunities that you’d find in a city, you also want them to have access to large green spaces they can play and exercise in that you’d commonly find in a smaller town or village. 

Another increasingly important thing to consider when deciding where to live is the air quality of the town or city you’re currently living in. In cities, where there are lots of traffic and even factories producing a lot of carbon dioxide and other gases into our atmosphere, the air we breathe can be a lot more damaging than in other places. Consider finding somewhere that already has a scheme in place to tackle this increasing problem. For example, many council areas are now running clean air initiatives or “green home initiatives” to improve the air quality for their residents. Also, check exactly how effective these schemes are in improving the air quality. For example, although London is the place in the UK with the most ambitious of these schemes, it’s also the place with a lot more reason to run these schemes. In fact, recent statistics show that London is losing more and more of its population to places like Bristol every year. Whilst there will be many reasons for these moves, one of the biggest factors is still likely to be air quality.

Whilst moving across the country may seem stressful and may actually ironically have a big impact on your carbon footprint, it could also have a big impact on your children’s lives. To reduce stress and reduce the effect on the environment of any move like this, consider hiring a removal company that can help you take all of your belongings to your new home in one trip. This will avoid you going back and forth across the country several times with a hired van or even your own car trying to relocate all of your belongings. 

Make sure they have enough space to call their own and to share as a family

There are certain times in their childhood when you’ll want to spend as much time as possible together in the family. There are also times in a child’s life where they’ll want some privacy from the rest of the family. Make sure your home has ample room to provide your child with both of these much-needed spaces. Consider turning one of the largest rooms in the house into a living room that your family really feel comfortable in. Make sure it’s a place where your family can play games, put on shows or simply just relax in front of the TV. As well as a big living room, make sure your children have a comfortable sized bedroom to call their own. Try and avoid your children having to share rooms whenever possible to give them the extra sleep and privacy they’ll require during their teenage years. 

Furniture should be practical rather than just look good 

As well as looking good, your home needs to deal with everything your child wants to do with it. In their younger years, make sure you have a space where everything is easily wipeable so you can clean up easily after a day of messy fun painting or completing other arts and crafts. 

When they’re older, they’ll also need a desk and a comfortable chair to complete all of the homework they’re given from school. When choosing furniture, consider whether it’ll be suitable for all of these tasks. 

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