How to Keep Your Little Ones Involved in New Year’s Dinner Decorations


This New Year’s Party, while you are busy cooking for your guests or decorating the hall for them, it might be a little challenge to keep your little children away from the kitchen or your party decor supplies.

A solution to this might be to encourage them to decorate their own room for the party where they can bring their own little guests while the adults share their holiday stories with each other at the dinner table.

 Here are some simple DIY activities they can be involved in.

1. Paper Utensils

Encourage them to host their friends by serving little treats in plates and cups decorated by them. Buy a small pack of basic white paper cups and plates. Next, help them pick colored jute threads and thin ribbons. On the outer side of the cups, wind colored jute strings or thin satin ribbons. Similarly, the paper plates can be decorated at the edges and the outer base, by sticking strands of colored jute thread, in simple patterns like stripes, checks, spirals or waves. This also reinforces the paper while making it colorful.

2. Poster Making

If your child has a list of favorite movies or storybooks, buy them a coloring book on those themes, with pages sized A3 or above. Select a picture and let them paint or colour the image, this keeps them busy for an hour. Next, pull out the paper from the book and help them line the edges with strips of cardboard or colored paper or printed ribbons. On these, they can pin buttons on the corners or simply stick 3D stickers. They can proudly place this handmade poster above their bed or near their wall clock.

 3. Papercraft

Using colored sheets from old magazines and leftover craft paper, they can make simple objects by cutting and/or folding paper, for instance, paper boats, kites and birds. Making several of those can keep them occupied for an hour or two. Once they have made enough of them, make a base with a big piece of soft cardboard or by sticking together 5-6 pages of the magazine. With a cutter, cut the base in a geometric shape such as oval, rectangle or triangle and stick the papercraft objects on it and place this at the centre of their table.

 4. Story Collage

You can encourage them to pick their favorite holiday pictures or their pictures with friends or pictures taken at their school. Help them print the pictures. Next, cut out pieces of parchment or handmade paper. For each picture that they selected, they have to write a few lines that tell the story behind the picture. In a large frame, they can place all the pictures, with the story corresponding to each picture placed next to the picture.

5. Flowers

This could be a great way to keep your little girl engaged. To make this interesting, use flowers of 2-3 different varieties and preferably the ones with large petals. They can pull out the petals and sew them together to form short strings ranging from 10 to 20 inches. These strings can be used to decorate a plethora of objects, by winding the strings about them or simply suspending the strings where they cannot be wound. Quick trick – when you wind the string, you can hold it without tapes or adhesives by tying the loosely hanging parts of the string (a no-adhesive-tape approach to save you some cleaning afterwards).

These are just some simple activities that can engage your kids for a few hours, to help you focus on preparations for the dinner. Infact, if there are two or more children, this can be the best way to ensure that your kids do not get into mischief, while triggering their creative side.

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