How to Improve Security of Your Garage Door


Are you concerned if your garage door is secure enough? If you have any doubt, you’ll be glad to know there are some simple (and not-so-simple) ways in which you can increase the safety of it.

Put in Foggy Glass

If you don’t have clear glass on the door to your garage, the temptation for burglars to break and enter is less tempting. Keep intruders from being able to see what’s in your garage by installing opaque glass. If you already have clear glass on the door, a professional can replace it with an alternative.

Consider Motion-Activated Lights

When you have motion-activated lights on your garage it becomes obvious when a person is on your property after dark. They also help make the area safer since it will be easier to move around your property when it’s night-time. Not only should you have these lights put near the main entrance to your garage but also at the side and back entrances to the garage.

Install a Door Opener

garage door opener is beneficial because the only person who will be able to open the door is someone with the actual door opener. This way, you can lock out anyone who is trying to break and enter. A garage door specialist can help with installing this technology.

If you decide not to opt for a door opener then you can enhance your lock with a deadbolt. You also can replace the strike plate with a reinforced option which is a good idea since this is the weakest point of the door.

Leave the Door Clicker Indoors

The clicker for your garage door is the easiest means for someone to enter your home. If you leave this in your vehicle, and it’s parked in your driveway or out front on the street, someone may decide to break into your vehicle to take it. For this reason, it’s ideal to keep the clicker in your briefcase, purse, or elsewhere you have your belongings. Bring it in right away once you’re home.

In the event someone steals the door clicker, it’s in your best interest to reprogram your automatic opener right away. This can be a tricky task – if you have any trouble with it, reach out to someone from a local garage door company.

Whether you’re in search of a first-time Pflugerville garage door installation or a replacement of the door or various parts, a company like Austin’s Greater Garage Doors will be able to help.

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