Home Landscaping: 4 Ways To Revitalize a Dried-Out Lawn


Everyone loves a green, grassy lawn. However, it can be difficult to cultivate a healthy lawn in an arid climate. If your lawn is dried out, you can revitalize your dead or dormant lawn using these four methods.

1. Hydromulching

If your lawn is truly dead, the best thing you can do is hire hydromulching services Southern California. Hydromulching is the process of applying water, mulch, and tackifier to sloped landscapes in order to combat soil erosion and promote plant growth. If seeds and fertilizer are applied to the mix, the process is called hydroseeding. Both hydromulching and hydroseeding will totally reinvigorate your lawn and set it up for a long-lasting, healthy life.

2. Dethatching

Thatch is the layer of dead, built-up organic matter that rests between the visible, viable grass blades of your lawn and the soil and roots beneath it. Some thatch is good for your lawn; it can provide your lawn with insulation, nutrients, and moisture control. However, too much thatch can suffocate your grass. To dethatch your lawn, simply use a rake to deeply comb through the grass; then, gather up the accumulated dead material and dispose of it in compliance with your local ordinances.

3. Aerating

Aeration is the process of puncturing small, cylindrical holes into lawns with compacted soil. This process increases the breathability of the lawn and allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots below. You will likely have to purchase or rent a specialized aeration machine to properly aerate your lawn.

4. Weeding

Weeds compete with your grass for resources. By regularly weeding your lawn, you can regulate which vegetation gets these vital resources. If you opt for chemical weed control, use an herbicide that will not harm important pollinators – namely, bees. In fact, you may want to keep a few dandelions around to support your local bee population.

Droughts, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events can be hard on lawns. Help yours out today by implementing one or more of the lawn-revitalizing solutions mentioned above.

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