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Often described as minimal, neutral and timeless, modern interiors are incredibly popular in the home — especially in bathroom design where function is top of mind. Rely on modern fixtures, tiles, colors and hardware to elevate your interior — whether you’re redesigning a half bathroom, or modernizing your primary bathroom with a separate shower and freestanding tub. To help inspire your next home project, we’ve rounded up modern bathroom ideas that exude elegance, luxury and simplicity — plus, they’re surprisingly easy to recreate.

Modern design is characterized by clean lines, natural materials and simple color palettes, although the idea of “modern” is ever changing as we draw on current design trends. As you scroll these designer-approved interiors, you’ll find there are creative ways to incorporate modern elements to craft a space that feels chic and personal.

If you want a room that feels modern yet daring, we sprinkled in designs with mismatched tiles, warm gold fixtures and decorative lighting (which also happen to be bathroom trends for 2023). If you prefer to stick with a classic black and white bathroom design, you’ll find plenty of ideas that blend modern with traditional. Modern fixtures and materials are highly versatile and blend effortlessly with other home styles like mid-century, farmhouse and coastal, which makes it easy to find inspiration that fits your style. So sit back, relax and start scrolling to find a space that speaks to you.

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With a design that feels calm yet luxurious, this bright interior features fresh white walls, modern fixtures and large floor tiles. For a bit of contrast, there’s a wood slat vanity that brings in a natural, earthy element.

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Instead of extending all the way to the floor, this wood vanity is mounted to float on the wall — which gives this bathroom a chic feel and creates the illusion of more space.

Typically when we think of modern interiors, neutral colors come to mind — but a playful shade can feel just as fresh and clean. Here, Regan Baker Design opts for geometric tiles in a peachy hue along the floor and shower wall.

A few easy ways to add instant glam to the bathroom: floor-length curtains, gold accents, artwork and statement lighting. If you have the luxury of space, opt for a chandelier over your bathtub.

While this isn’t your traditional double-sink vanity, interior designer Anastasia Casey places two identical vanities side by side to create a smooth, streamlined style.

Toeing the line between modern and traditional, marble accents are a great way to add intrigue and depth to your bathroom design. Here, Artistic Tile‘s marble tiles are the statement of the space and pair beautifully with black fixtures and a dark gray vanity.

This bright interior is defined by clean whites and grays — plus a surge of natural light. For a bit of contrast, there’s a wood vanity and matte black fixtures.

For an elevated feel, let your soaking tub serve as the focal point of your bathroom. Take a note from interior designer Meredith Owen and situate a white freestanding bathtub under a bright window.


Sleek Cabinet Hardware

Even if your vanity is older, swapping out the hardware can instantly give it a modern flair. Here, interior designer Bethany Adams goes for sleek half-circle pulls in matte black.

With minimalist hardware and a light wood grain, this double vanity creates a symmetric look. Interior designer Bonnie Wu adds identical mirrors and light fixtures on each side to complete the style.

Use a glass enclosure to create a dedicated shower space, while making the room feel larger. To keep the design cohesive, interior designer Allison Knizek chooses a geometric wall tile for inside and outside of the shower.

An essential of the modern aesthetic is natural (or nature-inspired) materials, textures and patterns. Here, designer Meredith Owen keeps the space clean and neutral with marble flooring, light wood cabinetry and a pop of greenery.

Floors, walls, shower: there are so many surfaces that can be tiled in the bathroom. To craft this striking design, Joy Street Design combines various patterns from Artistic Tile.

Gold accents are a subtle way to add warm to a bathroom space. Opt for a gold bathroom faucet, shower hardware and lighting fixtures — then, sprinkle in decor.

Checkerboard flooring has a timeless and traditional feel, but can also look super trendy and modern when paired with the right accents. Here, We Three Design goes with white walls, light wood cabinetry and gold hardware.

Consider yourself lucky if your bathroom is flooded with natural light. Elevate that brightness with white cabinetry, overhead lighting and trim like interior designer Bethany Adams does here.

While white shower tiles can help make a space feel larger, dark and deep hues add depth, dimension and contrast (especially when paired with white walls).

If you have extra room, build a makeup vanity in the same material as your bathroom sink. Add an acrylic chair and a second mirror, and you’re set.

Use opaque glass windows (even with a bit of texture) in the shower or near a bathtub to bring in natural light without sacrificing privacy.

Natural wood tones, live greenery and organic textures are great ways to connect back to nature. Here, Collected Interiors takes it a step further with a tree-lined wallpaper.

For a modern feel, stick with cool and clean gray hues. To keep the space interesting and avoid a monochrome look, designer Amy Peltier brings in different shades and textures.

Use artwork to give your space a pop of color, whether over the bathroom vanity, near the soaking tub or on a blank wall.

If you want contrast but you’re afraid to go too dark, settle on medium gray tones like designer Allison Knizek does here for the walls and countertop.

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