Here are the Top Places to Install a Tankless Water Heater in Your Home


Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, space-saving design, and long lifespan. If you’re planning to get a tankless water heater for your home or business, it’s important to know where the best place for installation is. This will ensure optimal performance and help you avoid a costly tankless water heater repair down the road. 

Here are some of the top places to install a tankless water heater in your home:

The first place to consider for tankless water heater installation is the garage or utility room. This is an ideal spot for tankless water heaters because it’s usually away from living areas. It can provide easy access for any future repair that might be needed. Additionally, this area can often provide enough ventilation for maintenance and function.

Another great spot to install tankless water heaters is on the exterior of your home, such as a side or back wall. This gives easy access to the tankless water heater while protecting it from weather elements. However, be sure to consider any local building codes, as some municipalities have restrictions on tankless water heater placement.

It is also ideal to install tankless water heaters near the point of use, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Placing it close to the areas that need hot water ensures tankless water heaters won’t have to work too hard and can provide hot water when needed.

If you don’t have an adequate area of your home to install a tankless water heater, you may want to consider a professional installation service. A licensed plumbing company can help you determine the best place for tankless water heaters in your home or business and ensure they are properly installed.

No matter where you decide to install a tankless water heater, it’s important that you perform regular unit maintenance. This will help ensure optimal heater performance, energy-efficiency, and longer lifespan. If you need help maintaining or repairing a tankless water heater, contact a professional right away!

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