Guidelines When Buying Artificial Turf


Most homeowners prefer having a green lawn. To have a relaxing and quality time with friends and family, there is a need to undertake maintenance services on your lawn. Growing and maintaining a healthy lawn requires frequent watering, selecting the right seeds to plant, and making changes depending on the season.

As a result of the demands of having a beautiful lawn in your home, artificial turf was developed. Artificial turf Austin makes your lawn look like a natural lawn. The difference is that fake grass Austin demands fewer maintenance services. Artificial turf is laid once and can last for at least a decade.

Here is the advantage of using artificial turf over the natural one:

  • It can be used indoors and outdoors
  • It resembles natural turf: it is hard to know the difference between artificial and natural turf.
  • It is not affected by pests and diseases.
  • An artificial lawn does not need water as it is artificial
  • Pets cannot feed on the artificial turf
  • Does not require mowing; hence no need to purchase a lawnmower

Due to the low maintenance demands, artificial turf has gained popularity. The fake grass is widely being used in some golf courses, playing areas for kids, and pitches used in sports. It is necessary to evaluate the qualities of fake grass Austin-based. The features of the turf carpet determine the realistic appearance, maintenance needs, and feel. Below are some traits used to assess the characteristics of fake grass carpet;

Height of pile

Pile height is the height of the blades on the turf carpet. The maximum length of the blades is dependent on the functions of the carpet. Tall artificial blades are heavy and easily bend, making the artificial grass look flat. It is vital to select an ideal height to maintain an appealing and natural look for your lawn. The short pile height, for instance, is suitable for an area you intend to put furniture on. The pile height determines the durability of the artificial carpet. Regardless of the pile height of the grass, the artificial carpet should be brushed frequently to maintain the upright.

Foot traffic

Depending on the nature of the occupants of the area you intend to put the artificial carpet on, you should get a carpet that will last longer. It is important to purchase a fake grass carpet that can withstand high foot traffic for active outdoor, physical activities, and sports. By doing this, you invest in an artificial carpet that will not wear and tear due to many people using the carpet. Above everything, ensure that the carpet has a soft texture and is appealing.

Quality of the artificial grass

Ensure you get turfs that even have a backing. Go for those that have appropriate stitching, have the right consistency in regards to the color. High-quality artificial turf will cost you more as the product is more durable than low-quality fake grass carpet. Choose the best quality among the wide range of turfs available at your local landscaping store.

Buying artificial online can be a challenge. It is important to have a physical visit to determine the correct size to fit your lawn appropriately after installation.

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