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Creativity is a skill that is highly essential to be happy and successful in life. Being creative doesn’t depend on your age, you can be creative whenever you want. But if you want to carry your creativity to the next level; then you require the right support. There are various types of tools and accessories available in the market that can help to boost your creativity. But nothing comes close to the Cricut Explore Air 2.

Make your summer home craftwork more interesting with Explore Air 2. The process of scrapbooking will also become easy by using this product. To learn the art of scrapbooking you will definitely need a lot of stuff like craft papers, glue sticks, scissors, etc.

During this extended time of the pandemic, most people have lots of time; that they can spend to develop new creative skills and hobbies like knitting sweaters, baking bread, folding origami, scrapbooking, etc. But having a Cricut Explore at home can help you in many creative ways.

About Cricut Explore Air 2

Be active and busy at your home with Cricut Explore Air 2, during this phase of isolation and social distancing. Creating something new requires talent and it can be developed more effectively with the use of ideas and the right tools. In certain researches, it is found that meditation, drawing and crafting is also an effective tool to keep our mind relaxed from unwanted stress and anxiety.

Cricut Explore Air 2 is a celebrated personal DIY cutting machine. You can efficiently cut over 100+ types of materials like cardstock, faux, premium vinyl, iron-on and htv vinyl, adhesive foils, board, leather and more with it. There are endless possibilities to be creative with it.

You can create personalized home decor, homemade gifts, custom stickers, unique greeting cards, custom-designed apparel, etc. The Cricut premium housing set comes with a fine point blade, a Cricut black fine point pen, a 12inch x 12inch light grip adhesive cutting mat and access to its design software absolutely free for 2weeks. This will make you a talented craft maker for sure.

Upload any image from your tab, smartphone or computer and create your own custom crafts as per your requirements. You can enhance your designing skills with the help of this DIY cutter. Its design software is special and includes a very big library of images and fonts of around 100000 varieties. If you are a newbie in crafting; then at first a DIY project can feel strange to you. That’s why you should do it in the group. Cricut also helps you to be a member of its close-knit community of crafters, DIYers and makers to learn more about crafting.

There are a variety of groups all over the social media platform that help each other by sharing unique tips and ideas. They also share their projects and their source of inspiration for creating that project with the community.

Key Benefits

  • Helps in creating fully custom designs as you need.
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 can easily draw and cut.
  • Comes with a large community of users.
  • It is a very popular brand in the crafting industry.

Cricut Explore Air2 is a convenient and unique product in the crafting business that can do almost anything. The choices of material that this machine offers to work with makes it a quality crafting machine compared to other crafting tools. You can get pre-made designs and projects from its vast library. It comes with a double tool holder for cutting and writing.

It also has an app on both IOS and Android operating systems that you can use with your smartphone. With Cricut, there is absolutely nothing that you can’t cut; as it has a sharp and smooth cutter that can get through anything for your crafting purposes. Its cutting efficiency is twice compared to the other ordinary cutting machines.

Be an expert crafter with Cricut Explore Air 2. It is known for its unparalleled precision to cut over 100 different materials for your crafting. Now decorating your home becomes easier with this crafting machine.


Cricut Explore Air 2 is known to be one of the best die cutters available in the market. This machine offers the user the benefits of limitless possibilities to become creative. It is known to be fast, adaptable and an accurate crafting tech to use. You can also use Bluetooth to connect with your Explore Air 2. 
Get it easily in your local market or opt for online shopping in Kuwait to get it at a special price offered by many online stores. It has two different cutting modes that are significant for intricate designs. First is the fast mode that is excellent for you if you’re on a schedule and another one is the normal mode that is slower for accurate designing. It also allows you to create custom cards with its Cricut pen to write. Take your creative thinking to the next level with Cricut Explore Air 2. 

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