Everything You Need to Know On Picking The Comfiest Sheets for Summer


Summer is just around the corner, and so are the soaring temperatures of the day and sticky humid nights along the way. Hot summer nights are when many of us lose sleep and wake up uncomfortable in the morning. Believe it or not, choosing the best sheet sets can serve as a catalyst for a good night’s sleep.

Changing your sheets is one of the best ways to get a better night’s sleep during the hot summer months. Your way to finding the cooler set of sheets for the summertime is finding something with a tighter weave and breathable fibers.

Materials to choose from:

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton is without a doubt the first choice for summer since it is highly breathable and effortlessly keeps the body cool during sweltering summers. However, the truth is that not all Cotton is the same; you can always find various Cotton varieties, some being more breathable and comfier than others.

When it comes to Cotton types, nothing beats Egyptian Cotton; it feels the coolest because it is woven from long-staple fibers. The threads used to weave this material are smooth and durable.


A highly breathable and hypoallergenic material like Bamboo is another material that is best for summer. Also, Bamboo proves to be an excellent option for the consumers who consume sustainable products because Bamboo is made from sustainable Bamboo grass, which grows fast and utilizes less water. It doesn’t even require the use of pesticides to grow.

Percale sheets

It is vital to find easily breathable sheets for a more relaxed experience when looking for a Cotton weave, and good quality percale is unbeatable. The construction of percale sheets is lightweight, which is perfect for humid summer nights. Another benefit of having percale sheets is their ability to get softer with each wash. And to add to that, the fabric tends to last longer than even the highest quality sateen.

quality satin sheets

Other factors


When it comes to having the coolest sleeping experience, color strangely plays a significant role. Dark colors are known to absorb heat, they will most likely absorb the sun’s warmth throughout the day, and they can hold it in for hours, so you are most likely to find your darker sheets to be quite warm when you are ready to climb into bed. For a cooler sleep experience, stick to the lighter colors. Light colors not only make your bed a bit cooler, but they also make your space feel lighter. 

The Right Fit

It is imperative to have sheets that fit your mattress correctly. Be sure to choose fitted sheets with a deep enough pocket, so they do not slip off the corners or get tangled around you while you sleep. However, this isn’t pleasing in any climate, but it can cause them to bundle up and trap heat against your body in summer. This affects your sleep quality, and waking up uncomfortable is not a very pleasant feeling. Be sure to shop our wide range of deep pocket sheet sets so you can get an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Now that we have shed some light on properly choosing the best sheets for summer, there’s one last thing to keep in mind. Taking good care of your sheets will extend their life. Avoid washing your sheets with other rougher fabrics, over-drying them, and the use of harsh cleaners. All this reduces breathability. Take care of your sheets so they can take good care of you! 

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