Everything We Know About Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s ‘Very Romantic’ Georgia Wedding So Far


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Georgia wedding weekend has wrapped, and outlets People, Entertainment Tonight, and E! have gotten accounts from sources and eyewitnesses about what the festivities were like. While juicy gossip was limited, sources made clear that the three-day celebration was exactly what the couple wanted.

People ran a dispatch from a source detailing how Lopez felt about it. She believed the nuptials with close friends and family were “perfect. It was a dream for her,” the source said. “She loved having all the kids there. She loved the location. It all felt very special.”

Generally, Lopez “feels extremely happy being married to Ben. She keeps saying ‘my husband’ and it’s very cute,” the source said.

E!, meanwhile, got an eyewitness account about the ceremony, which was 20 minutes long and officiated by life coach Jay Shetty. “At the end of the ceremony, they posed for family photos on the dock by the water,” the source said. “It was very romantic and classic. They had an old-fashioned car parked in front of the estate ready to take them away. J.Lo was ecstatic and there were a lot of tears of joy and laughter. Her smile said it all.”

Lopez and Affleck had their wedding guests wear all white with them. The attendees, according to Entertainment Tonight, were shuttled from their Savannah, Georgia hotel to Affleck’s Riceboro estate in cars provided by Coastal Limo. “Guests were gathering at The Perry Lane Hotel [in Savannah] to head to Jennifer and Ben’s wedding,” the source said. “Everyone is dressed in white with most women in white dresses and gowns, and most men in white suits, a majority in linen material, but the dress code features a wide variety. Some men are in white shorts and sneakers and there is a female guest in a white fringe leather jacket and sparkly cowboy hat.”

Lopez and Affleck were “so gracious all weekend,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “They have been wonderful towards all the staff helping with the event, from the limo shuttle service company and beyond. You can tell how in love they are and how comfortable they are with each other. They can’t wait to continue to celebrate all weekend long with the people they love the most.”

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