Elegear Arc Chill Double Sided Cooling Throw Blanket Review


After the winter season crawls back to let summer take its charge, most of us are worried about the hot nights that can make it tough to get healthy sleep. Sweat, sticky beddings, and a warm body are the three major troubles everyone faces during summer nights.

In such conditions, it’s essential to find a bedding that can help you lower your body temperature and provide a comfortable & relaxing sleep.

Elegear cooling throw blanket is a marvelous item that we found worth investing your money in. 

What do we like in the Elegear Cooling Blanket?

The blanket is made with Japanese Arc-chill technology with Q-Max more than 0.5. The best aspect we love about this blanket is its absorption level. It quickly absorbs your body heat and downgrades it to make you feel chill. Ultimately, it makes for a soothing experience for sleeping.

Most blankets are tough to skin and cause irritation as they can’t suit well while sleeping. If anyone in your family has sensitive skin, it’s better to add an Elegear cooling blanket to their bedding. Interestingly, the Elegear arc-chill blanket is made with Jade nano-particles that let your skin feel soothing and comfortable with the blanket. The fabric is soft and cool so that you won’t feel its existence sometimes.

Yes, it is a double-sided blanket that you can use without disturbing your sleep. We tried using it from either side and found that it works well from either side. We also somewhat love the ocean pattern design that offers elegance to the blanket.

This arc-chill cooling blanket by Elegear is fully machine washable. If you are concerned about its maintenance and washing, don’t worry! It’s better to provide a laundry wash to keep it safe from snagging and scratching. Moreover, it’s recommended to avoid dry cleaning, ironing, and bleaching.

Above all, the company offers you a 3-years warranty on this blanket. Further, you can reach them for any issue, and they are committed to responding to you within 24 hours. From the warranty aspect, you don’t need to worry at all.

The company covers you for a long period that isn’t available with alternative blankets.

Ultimately, you can consider buying this Elegear arc-chill cooling blanket if you are planning to enjoy the summer nights without compromising the quality of sleep. This blanket gives a cozy feel without irritating your skin. What more do you expect from a blanket that can reduce your body temperature by 36-42℉ without any eclectic functionality?

This double-sided cooling blanket comes in four sizes:

  • 50 “x70” for Throw or Throw XL Size
  • 60 “x90” for Twin or Full Size
  • 90 “x90” for Queen Size
  • 90 “x108” for King or California King Size 

So, give it a try and experience the fantastic quality with arc-chill technology that will definitely allure you. We tried it and highly recommend it to people who are fed-up with sweaty nights.

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Do let us know from the existing owners how you feel using this arc-chill blanket?

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