Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Mattress Protector Review


Most of you already know the importance of sound sleep. Are you also familiar with what contributes to healthy sleep? Your bedding, cooling mattress protector, and pillows play a significant role in offering a good sleep and rejuvenating your body for the next shift.

Unfortunately, most people underestimate the importance of a cooling mattress protector that results in sweaty summer nights. Sweaty nights are never pleasing as they become a hurdle to your sleep and become annoying. Elegear has provided an arch-chill cooling mattress protector that can turn your mattress into a cooling machine and gives you the perfect sleeping base.

The Elegear cooling mattress protector comes in three sizes i.e. 

  • Queen(60″ x 80″)
  • King(76″ x 80″)
  • Twin/Twin XL(39″ x 79″) 

Should you buy this mattress protector or not? Here is our unbiased review for this Elegear arc-chill mattress protector that will help you decide the best.

No More Night Sweats: We get a good sleeping experience using this arc-chill mattress protector. Built with Japanese Arc-chill cooling technology fabric, it lowers your body temperature and eliminates night sweats.

NOTE: This Elegear mattress protector can lower the skin temperature by 2-5 degrees celsius. 

When we used it with Air Conditioning, the outcomes were remarkable. We felt lower body temperature than the room temperature, which is an adorable trait.

100% Waterproof Protection: This Elegear mattress protector has a high-strength waterproof trait that protects your mattress from night sweats, baby bedwetting, etc. Even being a waterproof mattress protector, it is breathable and ensures your body temperature is regulated during the summer.

High Thermal Conductivity: This mattress by Elegear will bring your body temperature down and give you a complete and healthy sleep regardless of how hot it is. This protector feels silky, light, and skin-friendly. 

The mattress cover contains Jade Masterbatch that maintains the water component in your skin and protects your skin from dryness. In short, it gives you a full-night treatment that isn’t available with alternatives.

Non-Slippery Design: We tested the queen-size mattress cover and are really impressed with its functioning. This cover is completely non-slippery to ensure it stays in shape after you recharge your body the whole night. 

Above all, it took us a few minutes to complete its installation. We also love the elastic and stretch design of this cover that makes it adjustable for different sizes. 

Now let’s highlight some of its negative aspects.

Cannot use dryer: Because of the special cold-feeling fabric, the dryer cannot be used after washing. Some people may complain about this.

Limited Color Options: This protector is only available in light grey and dark gray option, which limits it to 2 color options only.

That said, our final feedback goes in favor of this Elegear arc-chill mattress protector that fits best for all-sized mattresses and is highly effective in offering a healthy sleep. If you are a hot sleeper and face issues in getting a healthy sleep (due to high body temperature), this will revolutionize your night.

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