Elegear Arc-Chill Coastal Themed Blanket Review


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Sound and comfortable sleep are the crucial components of a healthy body. Most people fail to acknowledge this fact and experience various health issues due to inadequate sleep. Your bedding, blanket, and pillows are the essential assets contributing to your cozy sleep.

For the readers, today, we have brought a detailed review of the Elegear Arc-chill blanket. We will share what this blanket serves and whether it is worth buying.

Chill Up To -42: Sounds crazy, but this blanket makes you feel cozy even if you plan to sleep in the Sahara desert. The Elegear coastal-themed cooling blanket is made with Japanese Arc-Chill fabric that has a Q-Max of more than 0.5. It quickly absorbs your body heat and provides a sweat-free sleep all night long.

NOTE: The most cooling fabric used in other blankets have a Q-Max of only 0.2.

Double-Sided Chill Comfort: Where most blankets give you a one-side chill feel, this Elegear coastal-themed blanket is a double-sided blanket. It means you don’t need to miss out on finding the chilly side. Using it from either side will lower your body temperature within minutes and deliver a comfortable sleep.

Exquisite Coastal Wind Pattern: Design of your bedding matters in beautifying your living room. This arc-chill throw blanket has a unique coastal wind pattern that gives a natural and soothing feel. Alongside offering a chill sleep, it also enhances the charm of your living space.

100% Breathable & Soft Fabric: The Elelgear arc-chill blanket feels soft and lightweight with a brilliant satiny touch. It is a 100% breathable blanket perfect for hot sleepers. Using this coastal-themed Elegear blanket won’t cause shifting, tossing, or sweating all night long. It will keep you cool and dry. 

Great For Your Skin: If your skin is hypo-allergic, you don’t need to worry about using this Elegear coastal-themed blanket. It is made with advanced technology fabric without using chemicals or toxins. Hence, it keeps your skin safe and cool.

Easy Maintenance: Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your belongings in good condition. Interestingly, this arc-chill coastal-themed blanket doesn’t require special treatment. Instead, it is a machine and hand washable. Laundry washing is highly recommended to prevent snagging and scratching. However, using chemicals, hard washing, bleaching, ironing, etc., are strictly prohibited.

We tested this Elegear arc-chill coastal-themed blanket, and our experience was fantastic. We tried it alone and with cooling pillowcases! If you want to get a higher level of coolness and experience the chill during summer nights, we highly recommend using this blanket with cooling pillowcases. Click here to order

Elegear arc-chill blanket comes in four sizes:

  • Throw XL 50″x70″
  • Twin/Full Size 60″x90″
  • Queen Size 90″x90″
  • King/California King 90 “x108.”

You can buy one based on your budget and purpose.

That said, you now have our feedback about this Elegear Arc-chill blanket. If you love using this product, Click here to order and check out today to experience the amazing chill technology with healthy sleep.

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