Easy Steps to Make Sure Your Fireplace Is Safe

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A fireplace is something that adds immense value to your home. It also provides an environment of warmth and comfort. During the cold winter months, homeowners usually rely on their fireplaces to provide heat in their homes. 

Whether you’re lighting your first fire or just want to be sure your fireplace is functioning safely, follow these simple steps:

Sweep your chimney

Sweeping your chimney on your own may be very dangerous and can lead to severe consequences. Hiring a chimney sweep is the best way to ensure that your fireplace or wood stove is clean of creosote and ash, allowing it to function more efficiently. Professional chimney sweeps have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep your fireplace safe for future use.

Check for animal nests or other blockages

Before lighting your fire this winter, check for animal nests or other blockages in your chimney. Prevention is better than having to repair the damage caused by a chimney fire. The most common areas for blockages are close to where the fireplace is connected to the chimney stack, vents, crowns, and overhangs. 

Clear the area around your fireplace

Clear the area around your fireplace of loose debris, including paper, leaves, and straw. These items can cause sparks that can travel across your chimney and ignite a fire inside your fireplace.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand

An accidental fireplace fire is a scary thought, but not if you have the right tools. For safety, it is imperative that you have a fire extinguisher at hand while using your fireplace to protect everyone inside your home.

Call for a professional heating repair Fort Worth

To prepare for the cold season, have your heating system at home serviced by a professional team. If you live in Fort Worth, there are many reputable companies you can hire near you at affordable rates. Fall is the best time to schedule a heating repair. Book a service now!

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