Before Upgrading Your Walk-In Shower, Consider This Emerald Green Design


If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom, why not start with upgrading your walk-in shower. Imagine the possibilities: You can install a luxe brass shower head, add a cozy bench or outfit the space with colorful geometric tiles. No matter what style you desire for your bathroom, your walk-in shower can be transformed into an impressive focal point. To get started on the design scheme, use our collection of walk-in shower ideas below for inspiration (some are even top bathroom trends of the year).

Take the liberty to mix and match tiles, use a glass shower door to bring in natural light or keep it simple by wrapping eucalyptus around your shower handles for a steamy, spa-like experience. Love a classic look? Your white bathroom can get a stunning refresh with a walk-in shower, complete with black-and-white marble walls and flooring or a sloped ceiling for visual effect. We even highlight doorless walk-in showers that are perfect for modern design lovers, and we share inviting layouts with sliding barn doors (ideal if you love a rustic aesthetic) and curtains to define the space.

So browse through these delightful walk-in shower ideas to create a setup that’s personalized just for you. After finishing the design, use these top-rated shower cleaners to keep your new look spotless all year round.

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