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Having a dedicated workspace at home makes it easier to tune out distractions, plus a well-decorated room can often inspire creativity. Before getting started, consider who will use the space (is it for him, for her, for children?) and how it will be used (do you work a traditional 9 to 5, or are you dedicated to a side project?). We rounded up a myriad of home office ideas to help you maximize space — even if you’re decorating a quiet area to read or a room fit for crafting.

A home office presents the opportunity to showcase your favorite design elements. Go with moody colors, gold finishes and dark woods; minimal with natural woods, sleek lighting and a light color palette; vintage with refurbished cabinetry and elegant artwork. There are endless ways to arrange a functional setup filled with style — whether it’s with built-in storage, removable wallpaper, trendy paint colors, patterned rugs or upcycled furniture. Keep it casual, classic and clean to put your mind at ease, or go for lively patterns and hues that are sure to spark your imagination.

From entire rooms and home basement offices to cozy small nooks in the corner of a living room, you’re sure to find a work-from-home office design idea that pairs well with your style — and will likely do wonders for your productivity and mental health.

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Create a Monochromatic Moment

Find a striking moody shade and use it on walls, trim and the ceiling like interior designer Mary Beth Christopher of MBC Interior Design does here. Striking gold lighting fixtures serve as the perfect contrast.


Add a Hutch for Storage

Secure a hutch to the top of your desk, whether the shelves are used for storing supplies or displaying a chic collection of home decor. In this neutral space, designed by Hearth Homes Interiors, the warm wood desk complements the white walls and paneled ceiling.


Turn a Basement Into an Office Space

With white walls and a dark gray open beam ceiling, this basement office has an industrial feel. Move your desk into the basement, and then add an area rug, coffee table and a set of armchairs to craft a small seating area.

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With white cabinets and countertops on each wall, this spacious home office is brought to life with colorful accents — a vibrant floral wallpaper, bright pink area rugs and green desk chairs.


Make a Statement with Rugs

This sophisticated office space, designed by Sarah Stacey Ramsey, has calming green walls and dark wood tones. The area rug’s playful pattern and intriguing color scheme warms up the room.

Here’s another example of an area rug being the defining feature of a home office, but this time with additional pops of color. From the pink office chair and orange drawers to the lively gallery wall, this home office doesn’t shy away from bright hues.

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Build a Hidden Coffee Bar

You won’t have to walk to the kitchen to get your hands on a fresh cup of coffee if you set up a machine right in your home office. Put all of your essentials on a shelf, which can be easily concealed when the cabinet is closed.

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Outfitting an entire room with patterned wallpaper isn’t for everyone, so sticking to just one wall can make just as much of an impact. Complete the look with a stylish accent table, daybed and floor lamp.


Draw a Chalkboard Calendar

Pick up some chalkboard paint and turn your monthly schedule into a chic accent wall. You may want to use small strips of wood to form straight lines, plus wooden letters to mark each day of the week.


Design a Multipurpose Space

If you have a limited amount of square footage, a multipurpose layout might be for you. Simply combine your work area with your mudroom-pantry setup to make the most of your space.

From the built-in bookshelf to the creamy white walls, the foundation of this home office is light and bright. For contrast, there’s a dark wood desk, deep brown armchair and black lantern-style pendant.

Bring an all-white office to life with a piece of large-scale artwork that complements your rug and desk style.


Opt for a Leaning Desk

Whether you have a small home office or simply a wall in your primary bedroom, a ladder desk can help save on space. Not only does this one have two drawers, it has two spacious open shelves that double as decor.

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Get creative with an accent wall that’s rooted in function. This giant pegboard wall is perfect for displaying home office essentials, like writing utensils and books, as well as decorative pieces, like plants and framed art.

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From the collection of old books and the Victorian-style chair to the brick floors, this light-filled home office has an antique feel that’s worth replicating.


Install a Wall-Mounted Desk

Don’t be discouraged if you lack a designated room for a home office. Add a flip-down work area to just about any corner, and you’ll be all set.

Modernize your office space by incorporating an assortment of gold, silver and rose gold accent pieces (think: lamps, trash bins and plant misters).

Keep your eye on your dog at all times by taking your desk to the next level with a built-in bed, like Mimi Meacham of Marian Louise Designs did here.


Go for Acrylic Furniture

Although the style has been popular since the ’60s, acrylic furniture remains a fun element in modern interiors. Pair it with neutral colors, like Cameron Johnson of Nickson Living does here, or experiment with bold hues.


Transform an Unused Closet

No dedicated office in your floor plan? Make your own by removing the doors of an empty closet and turning it into a cozy workstation. Outfit it like you would any other room: Add wallpaper, light fixtures and decorative touches.


Stay Organized With Stylish Storage

A big storage piece with thirty drawers — which designer Emily Henderson calls a “big ‘junk’ cabinet” — is the statement piece of this bright home office.


Fill a Bare Wall with Plants


Make Use of a Small Nook

Here, interior designer Kate Lester turns a small cove into a functional office space. When the chair’s pushed in, it’s almost like it isn’t there.

Believe it or not, a minimalist interior with white and wood finishes can be full of character. Just a few thoughtful decorative accents, including artwork, can bring more style to the space.

Whether it’s a chic table lamp or desk, filling your home office with pieces in varied shades of one hue, like the blue featured here, is a creative way to experiment with color.

Give your home office a custom look with a built-in cabinet that suits your design style and offers all the space you need for your work must-haves.


Combine Your Office and Playroom


Prop an Inspiration Board Against the Wall

While hanging an inspiration board high above a desk can be appealing, propping one against the wall can look just as good. Be sure to weave in a few inspiring photos to balance the to-do lists and other work-related materials that are pinned to the board.

Let an oversized mirror steal the show in your home office, even if it’s only a small nook in the center of your living area.


Showcase Bold Accessories

One of the best ways to bring a compact office setup to life is with bold accessories. California-based party stylist Kelsey Klos went with colorful cake stands, rainbow garland and more to show off her style.

Spruce up an all-white bedroom by weaving a pop of color, like a rich navy, into your closet office setup. Pull the look together with a statement piece of art.

If you’re working with a large space, consider incorporating a cozy sofa, as Kari Bancroft, a stay-at-home mom in South Jordan, UT, has done here. It’s the perfect spot to step away from your desk, take a call or catch up on reading.

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Put Your Office by the Stairs

Lindi Vanderschaaf and her husband, Russel, opted for an unexpected yet functional office setup — a wall next to the stairs on the first floor of their Grande Prairie, Canada, home. Go for a narrow desk and long floating shelves that make the most of horizontal space.


Set Up a Workspace in Your Kitchen

If you’re unable to dedicate an entire room to your office, carve out a space right in your kitchen. That’s just what Heather Keeling of Portland, OR, did. She created a cozy, contemporary workspace with baby-blue penny tile and sleek custom shelving.

Baltimore is known for row homes with exposed brick walls, so designer Megan Leonard chose to make hers the foundation of her office setup. “It provides an instant texture throughout my home that I love to pair with wood accents,” she says of the charming design.


Make a Desk Out of Two Dressers

If you’ve struggled with how to make use of old furniture, this kid’s space, designed by Sara Johnston, will inspire you. “We painted two old IKEA dressers with leftover white paint and asked a local lumber provider for the top, which just happened to be shelving cut down to this specific size,” she says.

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Go for Chalkboard Paint

Looking for an easy way to add a playful touch to your office? Consider chalkboard paint that’s ideal for putting your to-do list on full display.

A home office is the perfect place to experiment with different patterns. Choose a few of your favorite prints for pieces like seating and window treatments, but stick to the same color family for a cohesive look.

Don’t fret if you’re lacking cabinet space. Graphic designer Ashley Smith revamped her compact closet with high shelving that offers just enough room to store books and decorative accents.


Consider Colorful Accessories

If your home office features white walls, introduce color in the form of a desk chair and accessories, like pencil cups, pinboards and small storage boxes.


Introduce Wood Accessories

Warm up a neutral home office by styling a bookshelf with wooden accessories, including art and decorative boxes.

Take a cue from Rachel Mae Smith of The Crafted Life blog and mount your desk to the wall. Enhance the low-profile look with a track shelving system and brackets spray-painted in bright hues.


Hang a Shelf Directly Above


Decorate with Greenery

Wire shelves and baskets are a simple way to encourage you to keep clutter at bay because, well, you see everything. You can also use ’em to incorporate another color into your space — just add paint.

Covering a wall with plaid fabric (or any patterned fabric, for that matter) is a clever way to personalize your space. Plus, if you stick thin cork squares behind select areas of the wall, you can pin photos, prints and notes straight to it.


Invest in a Ghost Chair

Timeless design aside, this clear acrylic chair, commonly called the “ghost chair,” is a modern-day design that opens up even the smallest spaces (and looks ultra-chic while doing so).


Opt for a Minimalistic Desk


Make an Entire Cork Wall

Prioritize functionality by covering an entire wall in cork square panels. Then pin calendars, to-do lists and bucket list-worthy photos straight to it.


Bring in a Dose of Color

Give your home office some Scandinavian-inspired flair by keeping your space light, airy and minimalistic. Adding one colored piece — a bright orange desk chair, for example — makes a statement.

Part office, part art gallery: Surround your desk with inspiring prints and artwork, complete with mismatched frames.


DIY Your Own Butcher Desk


Go for an Unconventional Desk

If you’re short on space, stick a console table against a blank wall for a makeshift office. Hang a framed bulletin board directly above the workspace for added inspiration.


Paint a Bold Accent Wall

Give the room a warm and inviting feel by painting one of the walls a rich hue like hunter green, navy or whichever color best matches your accessories.

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Coordinate Rug and Curtains

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