8 Ways to Decorate a Rental Home or Apartment to Make it Feel Luxurious


When you’re a landlord, it’s important to create an inviting rental property ambiance to attract the best tenants. If you’re a tenant, it’s an incredible experience when you love the place you’re temporarily calling home. From picking out shaker-style cabinets to choosing the perfect shade of white for the walls, there are a lot of decisions to make. Whether you’re a landlord or a renter, implement the following tips to decorate a rental home and make it feel luxurious.

1. Pay Attention to Cabinetry

In luxury real estate, a lot of builders continue to include cabinetry with a chic matte finish. Another trend involves using cabinetry as the statement piece in the kitchen by making it a completely unexpected color. Instead of choosing brown cabinets, make the kitchen more sophisticated by choosing matte navy blue.

When it comes to cabinetry, the details really matter. Look for options that have interesting drawer pulls and knobs. These often-overlooked fixtures can make a kitchen look more polished. You can also customize the look of RTA cabinets with fun hardware.

2. Create an Open Floor Plan

You can create the illusion of an open floor plan even if the apartment’s square footage doesn’t lend itself to this style. An open space feels lavish. When it’s time to look for furniture, look for cozy pieces that don’t provide a lot of bulk. Look for items with clean lines and minimal components.

Instead of purchasing a couch and piling five small throw pillows on it, opt for two large throw pillows instead. As you purchase various pieces, remember that the impact is most important. Remember that often, less is more.

You might skip the coffee table in a small living room because it might make the space feel cluttered. However, a high-quality area rug creates an impact and brings a room together.

3. Choose the Look for Hardwood Flooring

As more people learn how carpets hold a lot of dust and allergens, they look to other solutions to improve indoor air quality. While hardwood floors are more eco-friendly than carpeting, they’re also challenging to maintain. Especially in a rental space where tenants come and go, it’s best to use flooring that can withstand a lot without looking disheveled. Vinyl flooring continues to evolve in its appeal. It’s possible to find gorgeous vinyl plank flooring that looks like hardwood flooring.

This is a wise investment because vinyl plank flooring provides multiple benefits. It’s durable, more budget-friendly and visually pleasing. It’s also more sanitary than carpet for a rental apartment.

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4. Install a Standing Glass Shower With Amenities

When you need to remodel the bathroom, consider the importance of space. When it feels like there’s extra square footage in a room, a tenant can feel as though they have more to work with. Instead of providing a tub, turn it into a luxurious shower. Install a glass shower to create the illusion of even more space. To continue with the minimalist approach, put in a shower niche as it provides a space for storage without looking bulky. Other upgrades to the shower area include a rain showerhead, a detachable bench and shower lighting.

5. Feature Pristine Lighting

Lighting creates a certain ambiance. Start by locating the various workstations in the apartment. Each room typically has a few. For example, the kitchen typically has three main areas: the countertop, the stove and the sink. Most people spend a significant amount of time in all three areas. Elevate their experience by providing high-quality lighting in those areas. Recessed lighting continues to trend. Just avoid fluorescent lighting. Look for softer lights instead. In certain areas like hallways and corners, wall sconces provide an elevated appeal. Lighting strips are easy to install underneath cabinets or shelving and to light hallways.

6. Install a Removable Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash behind the sink matters because it can help to elevate the kitchen’s aesthetic for a more luxurious appeal. Instead of using paint to change the area, use a removable backsplash. There are plenty of options that look a lot like real tile, marble or other more costly materials. Plus, with a removable option, it’s easy to clean and change when it’s time to end a lease.

7. Provide Dark, Durable Furniture

It’s wise to invest in furniture that’s both dark and durable. While a white couch can be pleasing to the eye, it’s also harder to maintain. Look for dark brown, navy blue and black options. If you want to brighten the space, use accessories like light fixtures, artwork and window treatments. With big investments such as furniture, the goal is to get your money’s worth. Getting couches and other large pieces that are easy to clean makes it much easier for them to sustain their appeal in the long run.

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8. Maximize the Potential of the Walls

In luxury real estate, another trend is textured wall designs. Two great examples are wall panels and slat walls. Instead of painting a statement wall, make a statement with one of these options in areas like the living room, a major hallway or the entryway. Removable wallpaper in a neutral color is excellent for those who want to enjoy the upgrade without a ton of work. Plus, removable wallpaper comes in a range of gorgeous patterns and textures.

Making the Best Choices

As you work to create the perfect vibe for a rental apartment, always consider your sources of inspiration. Look through the pages of various home-focused magazines. Pay attention to trending decor projects on apps like Instagram. Lean into the trends as real estate desires change frequently. Plus, with an up-scale rental, it’s wise to keep up with the trends to maintain the property’s appeal.

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