8 Best Greens Powders, According to Registered Dietitians


There are an overwhelming amount of greens powders available on the market today, so here are a few tips to keep in mind.

✔️ Ingredient list: Registered dietitian Joy Maraj MS, RD CDN, CNSC recommends being conscious of added sugars and calories. She explains, “they can easily add up, especially if you are using these powders to add to a smoothie that have other ingredients and powders in it.” She also cautions to be aware of heavy metals, such as lead, which can be a problem with a lot of greens powders. Overall, it’s a good idea to avoid products with artificial flavors and preservatives. We recommend choosing brands that have been certified by a credible third-party organization to ensure what the label states is in the product is accurate and that the product has been tested for heavy metals, purity and potency. Select brands that are verified by institutions such as USP, NSF, Informed Sport or Consumer Lab.

✔️Multivitamin compatibility: Many of the products we reviewed contained a sufficient number of vitamins that could lead to excessive consumption if taken at the same time as a multivitamin. As always, it is important to speak with your healthcare provider before adding any supplement to you daily regimen.

✔️Storage: If you travel a lot and plan on using greens powder on-the-go, choose a brand that offers single-serving packets instead of a large multi-serving container. Refrigeration is also a consideration; some of the brands we looked at contain ingredients, such as probiotics, which may require cold storage.

✔️ Price: Greens powders can vary greatly in price and therefore we’ve listed a range of choices to suit all budgets. As with most things, higher prices are not necessarily a good indicator of quality.

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