7 Patio Decor Ideas for Summertime


Summer and warm weather are here, which means it’s time for outdoor entertaining! Buyers continue to prefer shopping for homes in suburban areas, with homes that feature more square footage and lots more entertaining space. Whether this is your first time owning a home with a patio area and outdoor entertaining space or you’ve owned your home for years and are deciding this is the year you use it to its fullest extent, here are some great patio decor ideas perfect for summertime! 

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  1. Go bold with accent colors. Summer isn’t the season for subtlety. Instead, summer is great for when you want to bring in bright, bold colors and patterns. Go bold with a yellow, orange, red or even a bright green or pink this summer. Whether you choose it for your custom pillows on your outdoor furniture or choose outdoor tableware in those shades, bold accent colors will really make your patio decor pop. Make a statement with a bright, bold color this summer. 
  2. Give your pool a deck. While this takes a bit more time and money than most other projects, putting a deck around your pool will really elevate your patio game. If your house opens with the back door flush with the ground, then you can build some stairs up to your pool height and make a multi-tiered deck for a really fun focal point in your backyard. You can easily add a bar, grill and even a pizza oven all to your deck with the right building process. 

A deck makes your above-ground pool less of an eye sore, and it gives your backyard something extra. Place a hammock or an outdoor dining set or even create your dream screened-in porch, all right there on your new deck. Many homeowners choose to build their decks themselves, but if you’re not the type of homeowner to spend a weekend doing a project like that, you can always hire a professional. It’ll cost you more money, but you’ll know it’s done right!

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  1. Hang a sign — or two! You can easily hang up a custom outdoor sign to welcome guests, friends and family to your patio this summer. Choose one that complements your siding or house color or that has your initials or even the year you bought your home etched onto it. You can easily spruce up your patio by simply hanging a fun decor sign. It will add to the personality of your space without feeling cluttered or overdone! 

If you live in a townhome or even an apartment and you don’t have the space where you can decorate a backyard patio, you can hang some signs on your front porch or entry area. A custom sign with your house number would look great right next to your front door.

  1. Plastic fruit looks great on outdoor tables. Make your outdoor tablescape look like something straight from the countryside of Italy with some fake fruit piled on a large platter or in a bowl! You can replicate a fun tablescape without worrying about rotting fruit or lots of flying bugs wanting what’s laid out on the table. It’ll make your outdoor entertaining area look good from every angle, which can be hard to do if you aren’t necessarily having food to eat outside. 
  2. Hang plants on your fence. Or you can create a special space for your plants to hang. If you don’t feel like you have much of a green thumb, you could always plant some non-poisonous ivy or another vine to grow along a piece of fencing. This will not only add some greenery to your space but will also give you extra privacy and soundproofing! Plants, especially vines, can be really thick, perfect natural soundproofers for when the kids run around the backyard enjoying some time outside this summer. 

If you do choose to hang plants on your fence, you could also hang some fresh herb plants so that you can make your cooking feel elevated, especially for any backyard barbecues you host! 

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  1. Give yourself — and your guests — some shade. Whether you install a pergola, hang an awning or even plant a large tree with lots of limbs and leaves, shade is absolutely necessary for your patio decor this summer. You can hang lanterns and string lights through any of the previously mentioned items, helping to cast lots of light when the sun goes down. An umbrella can be a great addition to outdoor tables to help keep you dry if it starts to sprinkle for a random summer rain shower. 

Regardless, it’s imperative that you have some kind of shade available for everyone to escape the sun and heat this season. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are both common during the summer season, and you have a responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that your guests and other housemates can all safely enjoy your outdoor space without worrying they’ll experience any heat-related health issues.

  1. Keep the mud and dirt outside, but make it stylish. You can place a fun custom doormat down outside of your home both at your front and back doors for guests to wipe off their shoes and bare feet before entering your home. This is especially necessary if you live in an area that tends to get a lot of summer thunderstorms like in the midwest or even Florida’s Gulf Coast, where you’ll also have to trap sand! 

A doormat can also help to trap germs and harmful bacteria on the bottom of peoples’ shoes before they step into your home. Of course, you should also place down a shoe organizer or even some stained wooden crates for people to put their shoes in when they enter your home! If people don’t like to take their shoes off inside and go barefoot, encourage them to bring a pair of slippers or have some extra socks available for people to use when they’re at your house. This will keep your floors cleaner and people’s feet free of gross stuff from outside!

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