7 Contemporary Living Room Ideas that are Setting up Trends in 2023


Whether you have just bought a home or are planning on renovating a space, the choice of design style that you want to opt for is really important. If your preferred design aesthetic is mid-century, art decor, or traditional, contemporary living room ideas always inspire one’s decorating choices. Moreover, they are always a fun choice to consider, even if you aren’t interested in contemporary design schemes. Here we have curated some of the contemporary living room ideas that are in trend, so you can refer to them for your living room.

Statement lighting 

Whether it’s a chandelier, pendant light, or floor lamp, lighting pieces like these add a touch of drama to the living room. Giving the proper lighting setup can be tricky, but if you can set the correct mood and ambiance, your statement lighting brings a lot more to contemporary living rooms than just the light. Task lights like table and floor lamps stand out on their own and add a luxurious sculptural layer.

Natural materials

We all know that the use of natural and sustainable materials positively impacts nature. Natural materials add texture and depth and, at the same time, bring a sense of warmth and comfort. Add wooden coffee tables, potted plants, and things made with natural materials to create an organic feel in the space. Adding soft textiles such as plush cushions to the living room can further enhance the comfort and inviting atmosphere. It not only adds visual interest but also encourages relaxation and cosiness. 

Bold colours and patterns

Interior designers say that it is the right use of colours in a space that makes a house a home. However, many people are still hesitant to use some shades in their homes. Adding a pop of colour like bright red, blue accents, or greens makes a big impact. These colours can even create a playful atmosphere in your living space. You can consider throwing pillows or a cosy patterned rug without going overboard.   

Open shelving

Open shelving creates a visually interesting space and adds a personal touch to your living room. Whether it’s used for storing decorative objects, utensils, or books, open shelving has a style and personality of its own. Another reason why the concept of open shelving is trending in today’s contemporary living rooms is that it makes the room feel more spacious. Moreover, they allow easy access to everyday items and make you organised. By displaying your favourite items on open shelves, you can also showcase your personality and add a unique touch to the room.  

Textured walls

Whether it’s a brick wall, the latest cement finish walls, or textured wallpaper, textured walls add a great dimension to a room. Since they create a visually interesting space, textured walls are becoming popular in contemporary living rooms these days. Textured walls also provide a tactile element to the room, making your visitors or guests take a glance at them, touch them, and interact with them. This, again, adds to a unique experience. Textured walls can also help to absorb sound, making them perfect for those who love movie nights and music and creating a more intimate atmosphere for socialising.

Contemporary-style furniture

Contemporary-style furniture continues to reign supreme over traditional ones. With sleek lines and minimalist designs, contemporary furniture effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to any living room. The clean and uncluttered look of these pieces not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also contributes to the illusion of spaciousness in the room.

Metal accents

Metallic accents in contemporary-styled living spaces aren’t to be kept for larger pieces of furniture alone. Even smaller accessories like lamps, mirrors, and decorative objects can incorporate metallic elements to create a cohesive and modern look. These accents add a subtle shine and elegance to the space, enhancing the overall contemporary feel.

All of these ideas are certainly true when it comes to styling your home with the latest trends and designs, but of course there are more layers to it than that. You can get the help of an interior designer if you need a great contemporary living room design. Entrusting a reliable interior designers in Hyderabad  can bring a new and exciting living experience, as they are well experienced and can create a space that is as per your taste and requirements. 

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