65 Healthy Dinner Recipes to Whip Up in Under 1 Hour


If you hear healthy dinner recipes and immediately feel disappointed, it’s time to rethink your definition of healthy. Our good-for-you options include hearty stews, piles of pasta, tacos, soups, fresh salads, healthy chicken dinners and so much more. The secret? Focus on the ingredients you include in each dish and pack in the produce, especially non-starchy vegetables and fruit. Opt for whole grains and complex carbohydrates over white refined carbohydrates, as well as low-fat and fat-free dairy, plus lean protein sources (think: fish fillets, chicken breasts, turkey or eggs). Say “yes” to beans, legumes, unsalted nuts, fresh herbs and dry spices. Now is the time to discover your new favorite veggies and experiment with different cooking methods (air fryer, anyone?)! We’re sharing our best healthy dinners (with several low-calorie meals) to hopefully help you feel inspired to try something new. Plus, a lot of these recipes can also work if you are looking for a healthier lunch option.

The majority of these recipes are ready in less than 30 minutes, so it’s easier-than-ever to whip something nutritious up when you’re short on time. Plus, many meals are made with budget-friendly ingredients like healthy canned foods and frozen vegetables. And, we included easy dinner ideas for every season, so you can save even more money by cooking with locally grown, in-season produce. Just base your menu on what you find at the farmers’ market or on sale at the store that day. We also made sure to feature dishes that fit into a variety of diets, which include vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes, and gluten-free dinners — so you’re covered, no matter your preferred eating style (or dietary restrictions!). Plus, we even have the perfect healthy dishes for two if looking for date night inspo ideas. All of these recipes have one thing in common, though: They make it easier (and tastier!) to eat healthier.

So, here is proof that you can have food that is both nutritious and delicious. Now, who’s hungry?

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