5 Reasons Why Motorized Retractable Awnings Are a Must-Have for Your Home


Adding an awning to your property is a fantastic approach to improving the comfort of your outside space. It won’t just give you shade; it can also cut your energy costs and shield your furniture from the sun.

This awning feature allows for easy remote operation. It’s also available in a manual crank version, so you can close it if the power goes out during a storm.

Increase Your Home’s Value

You’ll also save money on energy bills because your awnings minimize the heat build-up inside and outside your home. This allows your air conditioner to work less frequently, lowering energy bills.

Motorized retractable awnings come with remote control and can be integrated into your innovative home system. They can be found in various colors and designs for your home’s façade.

They also feature weather sensors that synchronize your automated settings to anticipate sun, wind, and rain changes. This can make your awnings more efficient, even during stormy conditions. For example, your awnings will automatically retract when the sun’s intensity gets too high and unroll when overcast. They’re also designed to be sealed shut each time you close them, guaranteeing proper closure.

Increase Your Home’s Aesthetics

Awnings come in various styles and colors that complement nearly any home. They can also help lower energy bills and protect furniture from the sun’s harmful rays.

They also can be controlled remotely, making it easier to change their settings without getting up and adjusting them manually. This reduces the likelihood of damaging the awning fabric due to accidental manual adjustments.

Additionally, some awnings from Treaty Oak Shade Company offer premium features such as built-in dimmable LED lights that can be operated with a remote to set the perfect ambiance for your space in the evenings. This option isn’t available with every awning but can make your home stand out. The awnings are crafted from fabrics treated with a solution-dyed formula, allowing you to choose from more than 18 colors to complement your home’s color scheme.

Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Awnings deflect hot sun rays and help to keep your home cool, saving you money on air conditioning. This makes awnings an excellent investment for homeowners looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Unlike manual awnings, prone to wear and tear from frequent opening and closing, motorized awnings are designed to retract or extend with just a button. The process is quiet, allowing you to relax and enjoy the weather.

The awnings can also come equipped with sensors that can anticipate changes in the weather, such as sun and wind speed. These sensors will automatically tell the awning to retract when there’s too much sun or roll up the fabric in case of strong winds.

Increase Your Home’s Comfort

The shade your awning creates will significantly minimize the heat that comes into your home, thus reducing your dependence on air conditioning. This will save you money on your energy bills, resulting in more money left in your wallet at the end of each month.

Retractable awnings can protect your furniture and fabrics from sun damage. Over time, UV rays can cause the leather to fade and fabrics to degrade, especially those close to windows. Because an awning will shield the UV rays, you may enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about the condition of your belongings.

When not in use, your motorized awning will expand and roll into a protected case with the touch of a button. Many awnings also come with a remote control, allowing you to operate them even when you’re not at home.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Your home will appreciate more if you install an awning. This is because prospective purchasers will view it as a bonus feature they can utilize for many years.

If homeowners wish to shade their properties, awnings are an affordable choice. Additionally, they require little upkeep over time and are simple to install.

Awnings shield your fabrics and furniture from damaging UV rays that could degrade them over time. They can also aid in reducing glare, which can damage your eyes and be annoying. When the sun is at its strongest or a storm is about to strike, it is simpler to open or retract them thanks to their remote control capability.

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