5 Outdoor Living Ideas You Cannot Miss this Year


Talking about ‘home improvement ideas’ this year, you can’t ignore your backyard, porch, or balconies (if your house has one). These open areas are often neglected, while they can be multi-serving places. For instance, your backyard could be a play area for your children, an open kitchen, or an open theater. You could do a lot with the outdoor space. The only limitation is your imagination.

We all know condos and townhouses have little or no open area. But a single-family home, including bungalows, usually have plenty of open space. So much so, often these houses have more open areas than covered areas. If you’re uncertain, you could check out bungalows for sale in Oakville listings, and you will see almost all houses with plenty of open space.

Getting back to the topic, I have listed seven outdoor living ideas you should consider this year.

Outdoor Kitchen

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Cooking is not just an everyday chore; It’s also a hobby and a profession. If you’re like many others who love cooking, then the idea to cook in your backyard must have struck your mind.

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According to a report, 60% of homeowners are looking for an outdoor kitchen concept. Lately, companies offering such a service have been found quite busy building an open-area kitchen for their clients.

There are several types of kitchens, including satellite kitchens and independent kitchens. Satellite kitchens provide cooking elements like grills and pizza ovens. While the independent kitchens have more to offer, like prep space, a sink, storage, refrigeration, and more.

The cost to get an open-area kitchen is based on the space, style, cooking elements, etc., and to enjoy the essence of having an outdoor kitchen, you would be needing outdoor seating.

Edible Gardens

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been insanely busy doing home improvement projects, including gardening. Though, it has always been one of the most favorable chores people have been doing for long, even before the virus.

There are several ideas for your backyard gardening; I have considered edible gardens here. Homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the end products of your edible garden.

Marisa Moore, RDN, during her research, added, “People are hungry for new ways to add flavor, color, and nutrition to the plate,” 

Again, this isn’t a unique thing. People are now more inclined towards natural, green products than unhealthy artificial products. And recently, this trend upscaled since healthy products mean stronger immunity against viruses.

“Tomatoes are a great example; they are rich in vitamin C, which plays a vital role in a healthy immune system,” added Moore. Tomatoes are easy to grow in your backyard.

Make the best of the space and grow as many fruits, vegetables, and herbs as possible.

Social Front Yards

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Social front yards are relatively new for many. Earlier, we used to see fronts of bungalows and houses as just curb appeal. But now, people are making the most out of their spaces.

Since the front yard is more visible, it should be kept differently than your backyard. Flowers and trees would be the permanent residents here. Moreover, this outdoor space could be your socially distanced gathering area.

According to Blythe Yost, CEO and co-founder of Tilly, “It’s like having a new room to enjoy!” Adding a bistro table and chairs “brings life into an area that was previously only viewed from afar or passed through,” Yost says.

Multipurpose Furniture

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Since you’re staying home, you don’t want to stay indoors all day long. For this, you can add stylish outdoor furniture for everyday purposes.

Sandra Smith-Fitzgerald, senior vice president of merchandising for Frontgate, said, “Designing furniture is not just about style—it is about how you live.” At Frontgate, the team has “created pieces designed to perform multiple functions, often with hidden features, and made them versatile enough to use in nearly any space you choose,” says Smith.

These multipurpose pieces of furniture work well for work-from-home professionals during the day, while they can serve as cozy seatings during the evening.

Outdoor Technology

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Last but not least, outdoor technology options are endless. When you’re working, you need a wifi setup, and when you’re done working, it gets time to play games.

One of the best use of technology for the outdoors is installing streaming devices to watch movies at night, play games with friends, or even attend online Zoom meetings.

Joe Raboine, director of residential hardscapes with Belgard, said, “The pandemic really has driven great interest into creating outdoor office spaces,”

Then there are devices to boost your mood. “LED color-changing technology is a fun way to change the mood of the space. With a simple change on the app, the lights can be changed to just about any color: green and red for Christmas, orange for Halloween, etcetera,” said Raboine.

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