5 Laundry Investments That Are Actually Worth It



Start with a Premium Washer and Dryer

At the heart of every great laundry room is a washer and dryer you can rely on. You can’t go wrong with award-winning models that boast innovative features, like the LG TWINWash™ Bundle.

The washer and dryer combo comes with the LG SideKick™ Pedestal Washer underneath to help you tackle smaller, last-minute loads like delicates, sportswear, or singular items that just can’t wait.

Bonus: It’s Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) certified, so family members who suffer from those conditions can rest (and breathe) easier.

LG TWINWash™ Bundle with LG SideKick™ and Electric Dryer


LG TWINWash™ Bundle with LG SideKick™ and Gas Dryer



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