5 Great Reasons to Move to Calgary in 2022


Moving to Calgary has been on many people’s minds, and for a good reason!  This great metropolitan area is the best of everything Alberta has to offer, and those who live here understand the importance of working and playing hard.

If you’re considering a move in 2022, let Calgary be your choice!

Low Cost of Living for Cities

Calgary is incredibly affordable, but even more so when stacked against Toronto and Vancouver.  With higher wages than the national average and a lot of pressure on investing in the economy, this city is affordable for almost anyone.

This is a pleasant change for those who are used to living in cities where it’s hard to afford anything more than a small apartment with multiple roommates.

Fantastic Educational Opportunities

Education is an important topic in 2022.  The better educated young adults are, the better chances they’ll have to find a good career and start a family of their own, something many young Canadians aren’t sure they’ll be able to do right now.

The multiple colleges in Calgary have helped earn Calgary the title of the world’s fifth most livable city, a paradise for someone of any age or background.

A Connection to Its Past

Many cities are racing so quickly towards the future that it’s hard to tell where they came from.  Calgary, on the other hand, takes pride in the good in its past while also being clear that it wants to have conversations about the rougher things that have happened on this land.

The Calgary Stampede gives you the chance to see the past come to life as cowboys and ranchers gather for classic rodeo fun, accompanied by concerts by some of the world’s best-known artists.

More Chances to Get Outside

Getting active and going outside is important to lead a healthy life.  The sun gives us Vitamin D, which can help fight against depression or anxiety, and physical activity is great for our bodies and our brains.  Calgary is surrounded by the bow river and endless trails and walking areas that allow those who live here to enjoy getting active and spending time outdoors.

This is awesome for families worried about their children leading stationary lifestyles and becoming unhealthy.  Instead of sitting on the couch, you can go for a hike with your loved ones!

Short Drive to A Winter Wonderland

If you want a city that gives you a winter wonderland nearby, it’s time to check out Calgary!  Just a couple of hours away in Banff, a beautiful national park that’s full of mountains.  In the winter, these mountains freeze over with snow and ice, and skiing becomes the top sport in the province. 

Of course, you could travel to Banff whenever you wanted, but snatching up one of the many Calgary homes for sale ensures you’ll live close enough to drive over and visit whenever you want to.

Calgary Is a Dream Come True

Whether you’re here for the industries, you’re excited about snowboarding, or you want to start a family, it’s time to consider moving to this great city.

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