4 Ways to make your air cooler more efficient this summer


India, especially in certain sections, can have challenging summers. In some areas of the country, the mercury can soar to a staggering 45 degrees Celsius. To combat the summer heat, many of us use air conditioners. They are helpful in terms of saving money and offer a great deal of comfort. However, because the average temperature keeps climbing, we need to use our air conditioners and fans better. To assist you in accomplishing that goal, we have prepared a few easy ideas.

Make sure there is adequate air circulation in the room.

Ensure the room has adequate ventilation to get the most out of your air conditioner. There is a widespread misunderstanding that air coolers, similar to air conditioners, function more effectively if installed in enclosed spaces. That is not the case at all. Evaporation is the principle behind the operation of air coolers, which work by passing heated air through cooling pads that have been saturated with water. Therefore, a steady airflow is necessary for cooling it—Cross ventilation for air conditioning coolers. The spot directly in front of the window is where you should put your air conditioner if you want it to perform at its optimum. The hotter the air, the quicker the evaporation, which results in the air being blown out by the fan being colder. To reduce the amount of moisture in the air, it is essential to ensure that the room has adequate ventilation. It is necessary to open the room’s windows to accomplish this task. Be careful not to throw them open too far, as this will cause the room’s temperature to rise. You can try experimenting with the window by slightly shifting it to increase the quantity of cooling.

Mix ice into the water.

Adding ice to the water in the tank is another excellent method for boosting the cooling system’s efficiency. Many people have already given it a shot with their ice chests. Some coolers come complete with their very own ice storage sections. The pads get more relaxed due to the addition of ice to the water, which results in cool air moving through them. To be effective, you have to be sat quite close to the cooler. However, adding ice will not assist decrease either the temperature or the amount of humidity in the space over time. The evaporation process can also be slowed down when there is an excessive amount of ice present, which reduces the effectiveness of the air cooler. Because of this, it is essential to have a good understanding of when ice should be added to the cooler. When dealing with relatively high temperatures, the addition of ice will be the most effective solution.

Take extra care of the air cooler.

Before you put your air conditioner to use this summer, it is essential to inspect it beforehand. It is recommended that you clean the cooling pads as one of the first things you do. They end up accumulating dust and pollen over time. Once a week, you should clean the places by brushing them with a brush. If a significant amount of dust has built up, the best course of action would be to replace them. In addition to this, it is essential to thoroughly clean the water tank and check for any signs of leaking. The system’s effectiveness can be improved by giving the fan blades a short sweep. It is highly recommended to have the air cooler serviced regularly. 

Filling the cooling pads with water before using them

Letting the pump run while simultaneously filling the tank with water is one approach to ensure that instant cooling is achieved. The pump will force the water to pass through the cooling pads, which will allow the pads to soak up the water in advance. After the tank is complete, you are free to turn on the fan. As soon as you turn on the air cooler, this assists it in effectively cooling the air.


You may further improve the performance of your air cooler by doing a few other things, which are all relatively simple. It may be something as straightforward as drawing the drapes in your room to block the sun’s rays and prevent heat from entering, or it might be turning off the lights and any other unnecessary equipment. It would help if you made sure that the air cooler is positioned in the appropriate location to effectively reduce the temperature while also supplying cool air to everyone in the room. You can search for the best cooler for your home and select from various options available

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