4 Fun Winter Party Favors


Winter is a time for giving! If you’re a festive party host this season, you may consider presents or favors. We like party favors as a token of appreciation because they’re affordable and easy to put together. When you choose the right items for your favors, they’re valuable and festive. Besides, everyone loves a small present to cap a fun night! Be sure they include seasonal colors and scents to celebrate winter. If you’re having a winter get-together, this list features fun yet tasteful favors we recommend for all party guests. 

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  • Seasonal Chocolate Gifts 

Many flavors make winter special. Chocolate is a hallmark taste of the season, with so many comforting and cozy treats this time of year. Some guests like creamy white chocolate, while others prefer dense dark chocolate bars. You can have it all, because there are plenty of plant based chocolate gifts to impress everyone at your celebration.

Our tried-and-true favorite is a fudgy dark chocolate bar wrapped in colored paper or foil. If you want to take your gifting up a notch, you can give out colorful bags of rich drinking chocolate. Include a recipe tag with instructions on how to make plant-based mochas or hot cocoa to give your guests an experience they’ll remember. 

All chocolate lovers will appreciate a lush, fruit-forward dark chocolate bar. We also recommend chocolate gift boxes featuring dark chocolate or creamy oat milk chocolate. Let them try something new like almond butter and sea salt in a 75% cacao shell. Chocolate gifts will make you the host of the season if you’re celebrating at your house. Remember, you don’t have to create an elaborate spread or basket. Instead, focus on delicious samplers to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and dietary preferences. 

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  •   Festive Kitchen Tools  

Winter party favors aren’t meant to look cheesy or cheap, so think through your gift idea before you give it to guests. Everyone appreciates a practical and tasteful flavor with a seasonal flair, so how about a kitchen tool like a winter wine stopper or bottle opener? Some quality tools come in bulk, including chic silver snowflake stoppers wrapped in a cute gift box. 

A gold bottle opener evokes the spirit of the season, especially when it looks like a pine tree or a woodland animal. Add a red ribbon and a brown tag to commemorate the party date and offer warm wishes. Other fun kitchen gadgets to give out include winter-themed spatulas featuring snowflakes or a candy cane pattern. 

You’ll find spatulas and spoons of all sizes and colors if you want to inspire the baker or home chef. We love to give out tools in forest green and burgundy red. Besides baking essentials like wooden spoons, you can give out wooden salad forks or herb strippers engraved with winter greetings or designs. They don’t have to be large-sized tools; all guests will still appreciate a “mini” favor! Some of our favorite “tiny tools” that still work well in the kitchen include whisks and rolling pins. Add a touch of elegance with a pie or cake server. Gift boxes and ribbons or bows will make each favor special. 

  • Future Garden Gifts  

It’s fun to play up the season in your winter party food and décor, but you should know that your guests may be looking foward to spring. A future garden gift will give them a reason to enjoy your celebration and be hopeful for a new year. The party favor could be a packet of seeds or a wooden planter box engraved with an inspiring quote or message.

To create your future garden gift, consider what your friends and family can grow in their home garden. A variety of essential spring herbs are easy to grow on a patio or indoors in a pot by a window. Chocolate mint makes the perfect gift because it evokes the winter season. Other best-selling plants to give in wintertime include sage and thyme. Try to find an herb packet with the colors of winter. Some of the best choices for a festive gift include baby blue or red.  

Some hosts like giving plants to help transition from winter to spring. Our favorites include rosemary or the festive Christmas cactus. Place them in a red clay pot or a ceramic vessel with a snowflake print to make the favor more inviting! Other fun garden favor gifts include mini succulent plants or air plants. If you’re looking for greenery, you can offer everyone a baby pine tree or jade plant. Display them in neat rows on a buffet table near the party’s exit.  

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  • Self-Care Favors 

If you want to pamper your guests this winter, there are plenty of adorable party favors featuring a theme of self-care. For those hosts who like to DIY their favors, most guests are fans of homemade soap. These gifts are charming when you match them with your party décor. 

Mold the soap into snowflakes or pine trees to make it as fun and festive as your celebration. Then add seasonal winter scents like rosemary or peppermint. Finally, put them in a festive gift bag or box and tie them with a gold or red ribbon. 

If you’re not into DIY, you have plenty of options. Give thoughtfully and save time when you shop for squishy, satisfying stress balls or rejuvenating essential oil shower steamers. Play up the winter self-care theme by giving out soothing lip balm or hydrating face masks. More fun ideas include scented candles or essential oil rollers you can fit inside your pocket. 

Make the Party Memorable with Fun Winter Favors 

Party favors will make your winter celebration even more memorable. They let you be creative and ensure your guests feel appreciated. Since you have top-notch food and décor, be sure your favors are meant to impress. You can theme your presents in many ways, including timeless chocolate gifts and beloved baking essentials. Inspire a new year with garden accessories and self-care products. Whatever way you treat your partygoers, you can be confident they’ll enjoy their present beyond the night of your celebration! 

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