39 Simple and Easy Dishes That Use Up That Can of Pumpkin Puree


If you’re in the mood for fall food, whether it’s autumn or not, look no further than these delicious and simple pumpkin puree recipes. There’s nothing more autumnal than a sweet or savory dish that features this festive fruit (did you know that pumpkin is a fruit?). The best part about these fall dessert recipes, fall dinner ideas and easy weeknight dishes is that you don’t even need fresh pumpkin to make them! You can either pick up a few cans at the store, or if it’s pumpkin season, whip up a homemade batch of pumpkin puree and get cooking ASAP.

If you’re anything like us, we bet you have cans of pumpkin puree stocked up for all your favorite, festive recipes. Unsure what to do with leftovers? Look no further than these pumpkin recipes that let the canned fruit shine. We’ve included plenty of favorites, from creative variations on staple Thanksgiving desserts (we’re looking at you, pumpkin pie) to sweet pumpkin bread perfect for morning brunch. Pumpkin isn’t just great for sweet dishes — it’s also a star in savory recipes too! From warming fall soups to double pumpkin cornbread, the gourd shines with a variety of spices, flavors and dishes.

Looking for some crowd-pleasing desserts for a fall bash, or already planning your holiday menu? We’ve got you covered: Get out that leftover pumpkin puree you’ve been staring at in the back of your fridge, and get ready to turn it into a delicious, fall dish!

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