38 Brussels Sprouts Recipes The Family Will Love


Think that Brussels sprouts are everyone’s least favorite vegetable side dish? Think again! Whether raw, roasted or even grilled, these Brussels sprouts recipes turn even the most skeptical sprout eaters into the biggest fans.

If you’re asking, “What do Brussels sprouts best go with?” the answer is, “so many epic ingredients!” Earthy Brussels sprouts pair perfectly with salty bacon, rich roasted nuts (try hazelnuts!), hearty pasta, sweet dried fruit and so much more. When sliced thinly and tossed with a delicious dressing, Brussels sprouts make for the ultimate base for an easy fall salad. Recipes with shaved Brussels sprouts can go further than salad, too. Try them tossed with pasta or throw them on top of pizza dough with plenty of cheese, crispy mushrooms and fresh red onion, then bake, for a delicious family dinner.

Of course, Brussels sprouts are one of the best Thanksgiving side dishes. We’ve gathered recipes here that pair perfectly with your go-to turkey recipe and your other favorite Thanksgiving dinner ideas. Looking for a sweet and sour glazed sprout or one paired with chopped almonds and sour dried cranberries? Check out our ideas! Get ready to load your menus, from easy dinners to holiday feasts, with delicious dishes, from caramelized Brussels sprouts to simply roasted ones paired with your favorite protein.

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