37 Irresistible Butternut Squash Recipes to Get You in the Fall Spirit



Summer has the best reputation for the freshest produce (hello, corn and tomatoes!), but autumn really serves up some solid fall fruits and vegetables, from apples to cauliflower to Brussels sprouts, and of course, the almighty squash. These butternut squash recipes prove (in our opinion) that it is the best of the winter gourds. Known for its creamy and seriously sweet interior, butternut squash makes for an epic mash, and some delicious healthy fall recipes. Versatile as ever, it is also perfect as the star of any sweet or savory butternut squash recipe.

Intimidated by prepping this pear-shaped beast? Seriously, don’t worry! It’s a lot easier to peel and slice than you think. And it makes for an easy, flavor-packed main for any weeknight dinner (move aside, spaghetti squash!). Whether you like it roasted, pureed into a luscious butternut squash soup, or baked in a cheesy lasagna, these butternut squash recipes will be real winners this fall. If you’re looking for even more fall-friendly dinner ideas, might we suggest another fruit (yes, squash is a fruit!)? Check out some easy pumpkin recipes to round out your seasonal menu.

And before you dig in, follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to peel and cut butternut squash in a few easy steps so you can make it the star of your fall and winter dinner table.


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