3 Tips for Installing the Perfect Shelving for Your Space


Shelving can be an incredibly helpful aspect of the interior design of a space. Not only can they serve as an interesting design element for the space, but they also have practical storage purposes as well.

Even though you might have a number of pictures or painting on your walls, adding interesting shelving can add a different dimension to a space and serve as the perfect location for any items you want to display that can’t be hung on the wall independently.

That being said, finding and installing the right shelves for your space can at times be easier said than done. There are various things that must be kept in mind from a structural standpoint to ensure that your shelves will stand up to the amount of weight you plan to load them with. The last thing you want to have happening is for your shelves to come crashing down as soon as you have arranged your items on them perfectly.

If this is your first time installing shelving in your home, here are three important tips to bear in mind so that you end up with an end project that not only looks amazing but that is structurally sound as well.

1. Use the Right Fixings

When it comes to installing shelves, the right fixings will make all the difference in the world. If you plan on placing particularly heavy items on your new shelves, then it is crucial that you use a heavy duty fixing for the project. Things like angle brackets are great choices as they help to enforce the shelves and distribute the weight of the load properly.

It is also important to remember that even if the shelves you have purchased come with their own fixings, you need to consider the load that they are going to bear. Most standard fixings that come with shelves aren’t going to be designed to take on a hefty load, so if you are going to be displaying something that is on the heavier side, you will need to use the right fixings for the job.

2. Check the Wall First

Before you go drilling into a wall, you first need to make sure that there isn’t anything behind the wall that could get damaged in the process. Check for pipes and wiring before you start your project. Hitting a pipe with your drill, for instance, can turn your simple shelving project into a massive disaster.

3. Keep It Level

If this is your first time installing shelves, the importance of keeping things level cannot be overstated. Checking the level of where you plan to drill is only the first part of this process. You should keep your spirit level on hand throughout the project so that you can check this each step of the way. A shelf that is even just a bit off in this regard can ruin the final look of the project.

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