3 Key Tips to Prepare for Spring Air Conditioning


Spring is around the corner, so it’s high time to get your air conditioner up to speed. Making sure your home is prepared before the weather changes is critical to keeping your family safe and comfortable throughout the warm months. Here are 3 air conditioning preparation tips to help you through this year’s spring heatwave:

Replace your dirty air filters

With your home’s air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency, you can save money on energy costs by installing a new air filter. Replacing dirty air filters also keeps pollen at bay, protecting you and your family from allergies. 

Clear the space around your outdoor unit

It’s critical that you clean the outdoor unit’s space early. This will ensure everything is ready to circulate when the weather warms up. Standing water acts as a magnet for mold and mildew, so clearing the area around your A/C unit will keep it clean and dry.

Inspect your air ducts

Inspect your air ducts to make sure they are clear and ready for the season. Keeping your air ducts clean will keep your system running efficiently, making your AC more environmentally friendly, and potentially preventing a costly repair or replacement this spring.

Consider a new air conditioning installation Jupiter this spring

A new air conditioning system in your home can make all the difference. Not only will it make your home more comfortable, but also keep your energy costs lower. Spring is an ideal time of the year to get your old cooling system replaced before you use it every day in summer. When you’re looking for a new ac system for your home or business, start by finding a professional you can trust to get the job done properly. Get in touch with the trusted local air conditioning installation technicians in Jupiter today!

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