3 Items To Remember When Spring Cleaning Your Home


Are you ready for spring cleaning? Are you looking forward to getting rid of items you don’t use and feeling the freshness of a clean home? Even so, there are likely areas of your home that get neglected, even during your yearly spring cleaning. Don’t forget these items in your home if you want your entire house to shine.

1. Upholstered Furniture

You likely already spray cleaner on your hard furniture surfaces and wipe them clean when doing your spring cleaning.  However, what about your upholstered furniture? You might think that fabric couches and chairs only need to be cleaned if there are noticeable stains. Even so, upholstery can hold onto smells, which then move around your house. After deep cleaning your upholstery, you’ll likely notice that your house smells much fresher.

When cleaning your furniture, use a powerful machine that will suck up all the extra water. Doing so will reduce your drying time and void potential issues with mold or mildew. Additionally, don’t allow anyone to sit on the furniture until it has dried completely to avoid any transfer stains.

2. Flooring

It should come as no surprise that your flooring needs to be deep cleaned during your spring cleaning. You probably already have your carpet in your lineup, but have you remembered the grout in your kitchen in bathrooms? The grout in the flooring turns color because it’s become saturated with dirt. While regular cleanings of the flooring are great, they won’t get the grout as clean as it could be.

When cleaning the grout, be mindful that you don’t use a cleaner that uses abrasives so you don’t scratch your tile. Spray a cleaner onto the grout and allow it to penetrate for about 10 minutes, and then take a small scrub brush to it. If you’re using a powerful cleaner and wiping the dirt away often, the grout should come clean quickly. If you can’t fathom the thought of cleaning your grout yourself, floor cleaning Manhattan NY services will help you.

3. Dryer

Do you think that simply cleaning the lint trap in the dryer after every load is considered cleaning it? Your dryer needs to actually be cleaned, inside and out, once a year. Otherwise, it could become a serious liability in your home. Not only will the dyer stop working as well as it could, but lint could start to accumulate in the duct and could clump up, causing a fire hazard.

When cleaning the dryer, remove the duct and use a special tool to ensure that all built-up lint is removed. Additionally, vacuum inside the lint trap and under and around the dryer, making sure that no lint remains.

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