10 Best Mental Health Podcasts


“In general, being selective of where we obtain information, finding credible sources with more optimistic perspectives can enhance our lives,” says Bashah, who points out there are no credibility or accuracy checks for podcasts so the responsibility is placed on the listener to decide if they should tune in. “Thus, avoiding or limiting time on podcasts that promote conspiracy theories, generate paranoia, promote divisions or dichotomous thinking, will be important to sustain mental health and overall wellness,” explains Bashah. “It is just as important to avoid podcasts that promote a victim mindset. While hosts can often build up large amounts of subscribers by selectively targeting a group, a good host should help you think of the role you are playing in any problem and promote self agency.”

To ensure a mental health podcast is a good fit for you, there are a few things to think about before you spend hours listening to one. For starters, “it’s important to feel like you connect with the host,” says Guttman. “Take into consideration whether you are a member of their target audience so that the topics covered will be most relevant to you.” Then, before you listen to an episode, Guttman recommends reading the info blurb about the episode to make sure you won’t be triggered by the topic.

Also, keep in mind that some of the best mental health podcasts aren’t hosted by experienced mental health professionals, but if you find one that is, that’s definitely a plus. “It’s not that mental health professionals are the only people with good advice on emotional wellness, but I would be concerned about podcasts that don’t draw on their expertise at all,” says Nick Allen, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, professor at the University of Oregon and co-founder of digital mental health company Ksana Health.

Lastly, look for a podcast in which the host or guests clearly explain any research and methodology they use to help them come up with strategies for handling mental health issues. “Research is the best way to understand whether an approach will actually enrich your mental health, or if it is snake oil,” says Allen.

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